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There’s No Replacement for Excellence, But There’s An Excellent Place For Joint Replacements

In a 2013 Consumer Reports article titled Your Safer-Surgery Survival Guide, Centralia’s Providence Hospital was listed as one of Washington’s top rated hospitals for surgery. Other hospitals rated as highly as Providence Centralia hospital were Seattle’s Swedish Medical Center – First Hill and Renton’s UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center. The ratings were produced with the help of MPA, a health care consulting firm, and were categorized by analyzing the percentage of a hospital’s Medicare surgery patients who either died while in the hospital or spent a greater length of time in the hospital than was expected. 27 separate surgeries were examined, although five procedures were main points of emphasis: back surgery, hip and knee replacements, angioplasties, and carotid artery surgery. You can find more information on the safety ratings of Providence Centralia Hospital and other hospitals at Consumer Reports Hospital Ratings.

Providence Hospital - Centralia, Washington

Providence Hospital – Centralia, Washington

In addition to the article by Consumer Reports, Centralia Providence Hospital had zero reports of infection for patients having undergone a total joint replacement in 2016. While we in the US like to think our infection safety guidelines rule out the possibility of infection, this is not always true. In fact, in a 2016 report on hip and knee joint replacement by the American Joint Replacement Registry, 8.4% and 9.3% of total hip and total knee revision surgeries, respectively, indicated an infection and inflammatory response. With more people than ever opting to receive a total joint replacement, it’s extremely important to ensure you will be receiving your replacement surgery from a facility with a proven track record of success.

So what does this say about us?

Washington Orthopaedic Center’s surgeons all have privileges at Centralia Providence Hospital to complete total joint surgeries within their hospital. That means our surgeons complete these procedures, our surgeons and physician assistants track the health status of patients until they leave the hospital, and our surgeons oversee the rehabilitation period of the patients until they have recovered. Thanks to the thoroughness of our surgeons and staff, in conjunction with the staff at Providence Centralia Hospital, our patients having undergone a total joint replacement surgery at Providence Centralia Hospital had the lowest rate of infection in the state for 2016, 0%. This low rate of infection also surely contributed to the outstanding safety rating in the 2013 Consumer Report article on safe surgery.

our patients having undergone a total joint replacement surgery at Providence Centralia Hospital had the lowest rate of infection in the state for 2016, 0%

Joint replacement surgery at Providence Centralia Hospital is continuing to improve every year. This year has seen the addition of two HANA tables, specialized tables that allow our Dr. Slattery to perform his direct anterior approach total hip surgeries. These are the only tables available in the area to perform these procedures, a procedure that often cuts a patient’s recovery time in half when compared to the traditional posterolateral approach that requires more navigation through dense muscle tissue.


If you are having any pain in your major joints, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 360-736-2889 to set up a consultation with one of our providers. Washington Orthopaedic Center now has clinics in both Centralia and Olympia, Washington to better serve the public. Remember, there is no replacement for excellence when it comes to major joint surgery, but there is an excellent place for replacement, Providence Centralia Hospital with Washington Orthopaedic Center’s surgeons.

A Review of WOC’s Sports Medicine Seminar

IMG_3998Washington Orthopaedic Center held a comprehensive sports medicine seminar June 3rd in Olympia. In attendance were primary care providers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and athletics trainers from around the region.  All five of our surgeons spoke on 18 different topics over the course of 10 hours, including the effects of platelet-rich plasma injections, direct anterior hip replacement and persistent ankle pain.  They were joined as faculty by Dr. David Brown, a board certified sports medicine family physician who works with Providence Medical Group in Olympia. Dr. Michael Dujela, the national chairman of the Education and Scientific Affairs Committee for the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, led the seminar. We were also able to hold a break out session, which allowed the faculty an opportunity to work in smaller groups and demonstrate physical examinations of the shoulder, knee and foot.

IMG_4002Chances are you have probably experienced the disconnect that is often found in being referred from clinic to clinic…

The disconnect is sometimes unavoidable because each provider prefers every step of treatment to be completed a specific way, and these preferences are not always easily communicated over phone or dictations. A main goal of hosting this seminar for local healthcare providers was to educate them on our treatment protocols, so that our patients are more effectively cared for as they are referred to separate clinics for their rehabilitative processes. For example, Dr. Slattery and Dr. Morishige are both top notch surgeons who have years of experience performing Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstructions, yet they each prefer a similar, but different technique. The two techniques utilize different angles to reposition a replacement ligament, which could potentially alter the treatment plan of a physical therapist or at least serve as a reference for why a patient may be exhibiting a specific rehabilitative complication. Without knowing the details of which procedure a certain provider prefers, other healthcare professionals may not be able to provide their best quality rehabilitation.

IMG_4012The same goes for us. We took this opportunity to ask questions of our local colleagues as well. We want to know what we can provide to give them the best opportunity to succeed with the patients we send their way. We take pride in personally getting to know our colleagues and we believe it is in our patients’ best interests too, because, although we are a series of separate clinics, we still work toward the same goals for our patients’ benefit. As a rural specialty clinic in this community, we strive to deliver more personalized care than you may receive in a large city hospital. The ability to educate our patients, colleagues, and ourselves, is an integral aspect of maintaining our personalized care.  Thank you to all who were able to attend the seminar, we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to do so.

If you have questions about the chronic joint, muscle, or bone pain you have been experiencing, give us a call at 360-736-2889; we would love to help.

Washington Orthopaedic Center – Patient Reviews

Dr. DujelaDr. Michael Dujela Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Awesome! Fast efficient and makes you feel like you issues are top priority! Have already recommended him to others! He’s my top pick

I feel he is the best at what he does, he is always kind and professional! I highly would recommend him to others and concerns that I may have… Excellence and caring.

He listened to me about continuing with PT and waiting a bit longer before proceeding with surgery. I don’t want surgery unless absolutely necessary and he understood that and went along with me. He told me I would know when the pain was more than I could handle and I could come back and see him then and we would talk about the next step.

Dr. Dujela, As well as his entire staff are kind, professional and informative. It’s obvious that they are treated well by Dr. Dujela. The entire environment of the office is friendly and at ease, yet attentive.

Very positive interaction with Dr. Dujela. I would highly recommend him to others.

Dr Dujela was so kind even though he saw us for a condition he doesn’t usually deal with. We thought he was fantastic!

I loved that he was direct and didn’t beat around the bush or try to sugarcoat the problem. He told me exactly how it was and what needed to be done. He is an excellent Doctor.

I think Dr Dujela is wonderful and we are so lucky to have his expertise in our area.

Dr. Dujela is very personable and easy to talk to. I was very comfortable asking questions. He made me feel like he had all the time in the world to answer all my questions. It was a very nice experience and I would highly recommend him.

Anderson Small Image WebDr. Anderson

Doctor Anderson has always been my first choice. He lets me know all the options.

Great care. Dr. Anderson was very good. All encounters with the surgery center was positive.

Everyone was very kind and helpful.

Very happy the staff went out of there way for me and I’m blessed to have such great care thank you

Professional and personal.

I think he’s the best doctor I’ve ever seen

With his support staff, he is very efficient; staff is friendly, concerned about patient status and questions

I was very pleased I will come back to Dr Anderson thank you

Dr. BirchardDr. Keith Birchard Orthopedic Surgeon

Everything was amazing. I can’t believe how friendly everyone was and how patient they were with me.

Thank you so much for fixing my ankle …strong enough to use it …so close to perfect.. anything less than perfect is a age thing. Now if the rest of this body can keep up… always felt good leaving your office
Dr. Birchard is great! Very good doctor.

Dr. Birchard clearly explained my x‐rays, my need for surgery, what the surgery would involve and my follow up care needs. He answered all of my questions and treated me respectfully.

Very relaxed atmosphere, so unlike other doctors. I felt he took time to listen to my story of how I injured my knee and the symptoms I am experiencing. Then after explaining his diagnosis, explained the options of how to proceed. Plus his assistant walked me through the next steps. Exceptional service from all I encountered during my visit.

Been going to WOC 2006 and I wouldn’t go to any other Dr.

I have already recommended Keith Birchard to several people. He does excellent work and has a wonderful bedside manner. Takes good care of me and my knees!

Dr. Slattery

Scott Slattery, MD

I look forward to having Dr Slattery provide the treatment that is needed for my shoulders.

Dr. Slattery was awesome and very helpful. He listen to my concerns and responded with professional and caring answers. Thank you Dr. Slattery!!

I have been thrilled with all of the services and treatment I have received from Dr. Slattery and his staff; and have recommended him and Washington Orthopedic to many others.  

I asked Dr. Slattery to give me a cortizone shot in my knee to try to help the constant pain I’ve had since my complete knee replacement. He gave me the shot and it has helped tremendously. As a result, the constant pain has lessened. I’ll check back with him when the shot wears off to see what he recommends for future treatment. I appreciated that he listened to me. 

I was very nervous about Dr Slattery, all orthopedic surgeons before him I had dealt with were arrogant and seemed in a hurry to be done with me instead of really listening. I felt Dr. Slattery truly listened to my complaints and answered all my questions without being condescending. He was quick to get to my diagnosis and remedy my problem instead of throwing a bunch of “well let’s try this first” approaches. I very much appreciated his and his staff attentiveness and prompt responses to my questions and concerns!

Christy Caple

I felt really comfortable with Christy and she listened to what I had to say. She’s awesome

I was told the steroid injection could take up to 3 weeks to work for my bursitis in my right hip. It actually made a huge difference in my ability to stand, walk and shift my weight on to that hip with in the first 24 hours! I am grateful.

Was very professional yet personable always made sure to ask if I had any more questions. Made sure I understood what was going on and our plan of action.

Christy, was top‐notch, as was her MA, Debbie! Made me feel at ease, relaxed, and part of the team, instead of feeling left out or out of loop. She, explained things at my level and assisted with techniques that will help me with knee issues.

Christy knows her job well, has great bedside manner and explains things in simple terms that are easy to understand for a layman.

The Clinic

This is a great place.

Impressed with the professional, courteous, organized treatment at WOC.

I really appreciated that I could do all pre appointment paperwork prior to visit. It was great to receive a lanyard and card case for my phone. Nicely done

WOC Celebrates National Physical Fitness & Sport Month

May has been honored as National Physical Fitness and Sport Month since President Eisenhower formed the President’s Council on Youth Fitness in 1956. In addition to the month of May as a whole, is National Senior Health and Fitness Day was held on May 31st. With summer right around the corner, and the arrival of all the warm weather we’ve been waiting for, the time has come to get back outside and start being active again. The employees and families of Washington Orthopaedic Center took an early leap into summer this month. This is how we have been celebrating this month!

Sand and misery challenge in castle rockMay 6th: The Sandy and Misery Challenge

The much anticipated local mud run, hosted by the Cowlitz Valley Runners in Castle Rock, started us off this month.  This was our second year at the event and yet again, it did not disappoint.  Our WOC team “We Know Bones,” participants all finished the grueling 3.1 mile course through various obstacles including piles of tires, lakes, man sized crawl-through piping, and quicksand-like mud pits. Although we did suffer a few cuts and bruises along the way we all had our fair share of fun. Josh, one of our X-ray Technicians, participated in the event for the second time. Although he doesn’t run regularly, he had this to say about the challenge, “More than anything I love being able to get outside and be active with others from the community. I really love the social aspect of being able to do something like this.”

Capital City Marathon runner

May 21st: Capital City Marathon

Washington Orthopaedic Center was also proud to be part of the Capital City Marathon this year. As a part of our local sport medicine community, we felt it was our job to let our patients know that we are active too! None of us ended up completing the entire marathon, but Shebby, our Surgical Technician, did complete the half marathon portion of the race. Several others also took part in the 5 mile race held that same day.

All Month Long: Slow Pitch & Mountain Biking

Many of our employees chose to take part in outdoor recreation all month long by participating in activities they grew up loving.

Andrew, our Certified Athletic Trainer, grew up loving baseball and even had the opportunity to take his love of baseball to George Fox University where he played for four years. Now that he has a full time job and a family to take care of, he has slightly less time for baseball, but he does still take time for the occasional local slow pitch game. When asked why he continues to participate he said, “It’s definitely a competitive outlet. It’s different from everyday life and let’s me express my competitive drive.”

russ&sharonRuss and Sharon, seen to the right, also continue to compete. The two of them are frequent mountain bikers, often taking off after work to get a few miles in, and recently competed in a mountain bike competition near Mount Hood. As a long time competitive motocross rider, Russ knows what it’s like to go head to head with other riders as they compete for the best time trial. However, this was Sharon’s first bike competition. Although she was really nervous at first, she said she absolutely loved the competition and had a lot of fun. In the end, Russ finished 5th out of 40 people and Sharon finished third out of 10.

There are plenty of ways to stay active in a community like ours! Staying fit isn’t always easy and remaining healthy isn’t either. That’s why we want you to know that we are here for you when you get injured.  Call us at 360-736-2889 if you find yourself needing help recovering from your recent athletic injury.  Stay active with us at Washington Orthopaedic Center!

An improved Approach to Tendonitis Treatment: Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injections have been making headway in medicine for the last decade due to their effective treatment of common tendonitis pain. While PRP injections are most often used to heal the chronically inflamed tendons of your ankle, knee, and elbow, they have also been used to treat fractures, tears, and arthritis as well. The procedure is most popular among active individuals and is often utilized by professional athletes, such as Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal to name a few. We all know the road to recovery from a chronic overuse injury can often be an irritating one, and while this treatment may be a solution to your problem, let’s first go over what this procedure is as well as the pros and cons.

The Procedure:blood cells

Platelet-rich plasma injections are injections of, you guessed it, platelets directly into the injured area. To do this, the nurse first draws your blood. After a quick process to separate the blood into its components, the doctor then takes the platelet portion and injects the platelets directly into the area of interest. Why platelets? While platelets are commonly known for their blood clotting effects, platelets also contain a high concentration of growth factors that help speed up recovery. After a brief period of continued discomfort after the injection, the body then begins to utilize the concentrated growth factors to repair the chronically injured area.

The Pros:

  • The procedure only takes about 30 minutes.
  • The injections are site-specific.
  • The cost of treatment is a fraction of other, more invasive, treatment options like surgery.
  • No foreign material is being injected into your body; it’s a concentration of your own healing mechanisms.

The Cons:

  • The procedure is moderately invasive, due to the drawing of your blood.
  • Numbing agents cannot be used before injecting the injured site.
  • Insurance doesn’t always cover the cost.

kayaking injury elbow painIf you are an active individual seeking out help with relieving your pain and improving your function, this procedure may be for you. Several of our providers, including Dr. Slattery, Dr. Dujela and Dr. Morishige, have been administering PRP injections for years. A couple of them have even tried the treatment themselves. In fact, Morishige has had several PRP injections to help with his chronic tendonitis from competing as a D-1 athlete during college and can attest to its success on himself.

There are several locations in the South Sound Region that offer this treatment, however our Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons, Dr. Slattery and Dr. Morishige, and our RN’s bring a level of expertise that is not found anywhere else. Specifically, Dr. Slattery has a subspecialty in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Dr. Morishige is fellowship trained in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. Dr. Dujela also has extensive training and years of experience administering PRP injections. The location of the injection can be the most important factor concerning the success of the treatment, and we assure you that we can provide the best possible outcome thanks to our training. On top of all this, Washington Orthopaedic Center offers this procedure for a fraction of the price that other offices may charge. Be active in your journey to an improved quality of life. Give us a call at 360-736-2889 to set up a consultation today.

What You Need to Know About Osteoporosis

Man helping elderly woman with osteoporosis walk

If you are 1 in 2 women or 1 in 4 men over the age of 50, your life is affected by osteoporosis. But what really is osteoporosis, and what effects might it have on your life?

Osteoporosis literally means “porous bone”

It is typically the result of poor bone formation and or excessive bone loss, which eventually leads to a decrease in bone density. Factors that affect your bone density include age, hormone levels, activity status, and diet. However age tends to be the overarching culprit for the changes, as the other three factors often change along with age.

For example, sex hormones decrease in both females and males as we age. For females, menopause greatly decreases estrogen output, and for males, testosterone begins a gradual downward slope beginning around age 30. Bone density is negatively impacted as both of these hormones decrease. Yet, although everyone does experience a decrease in their sex hormones over time, other factors such as activity status and diet can help offset those effects.

Physical activity and forms of exercise are well known methods to maintain or improve bone density as you age. Wolff’s Law, developed in the 19th century by Julius Wolff, explains this idea perfectly, “bone function changes cause bone structure modification.” This means that, to a point, our bodies adapt to increased loads, such as increasing our bone density as we begin lifting weights, dancing, or running. However, just like everything, too much exercise or physical activity can result in an increased risk of injury or an increased production of the stress hormone cortisone, which decreases bone density when made it too great amounts or for extended periods of time.Osteoporosis_Locations

Diet also plays a critical role in fending off osteoporosis

Most of us probably grew up being told to drink milk to keep our bones strong. To a point this is true because milk contains calcium, which is a key contributor to improving bone formation. Yet, while calcium is important, maintaining a calorically and nutritionally rich diet may be just as, or more, important. This is why eating disorders are HUGE contributors to poor bone health. Not only do eating disorders greatly decrease the consumption of calories, once again activating the release of cortisone, but they also decrease the essential nutrients needed to build more bone and limit bone degradation. Eating a nutritionally and calorically dense diet is a sure way to maintain good bone health.

Osteoporosis is affecting more lives than ever

In fact, in a report for the US Surgeon General in 2004, the number of hip fractures, due in large part to osteoporosis, is expected to double or triple in frequency by the year 2020. With so many people being affected by osteoporosis, you probably know of someone who has broken their hip and the difficult return they have taken to regain their normal lives. Maybe you even know someone who has been taken care of by one of our surgeons at Washington Orthopaedic Center for a hip fracture. As a family centered clinic, we strive to bring our patients the best personalized and quality of care available. We sincerely wish you the best of health, but if anything should happen please be aware that we are here to help. Give us a call at 360-736-2889 to schedule an appointment with us today!

-Article by Levi Bale

Washington Orthopaedic Center Patient Survey

orthopedic patient from washington orthopaedic center taking a survey

Staff and Facility Comments

  • The receptionist to schedule my MRI was awesome. She went the extra mile to get my appointment scheduled at good time for me as I travel a ways to get there. She was a 10. [visit for Keith V Anderson, M.D.]
  • I’ve been visiting WOC for about four years and have always had excellent care from all staff. I drive from Olympia to this clinic because of the quality of care I receive. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • Facility was clean, large waiting room, [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • THE BEST CARE FROM PEOPLE THAT CARE—-THANKS— [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • mostly excellent. dr n did a great job on my leg years back. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • This organization is Top Drawer. Everyone I associated with has been GREAT. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • Excellent. [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • Every one is great [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • Would recommend this provider to anyone who would need their service [visit for Keith R Birchard, M.D.] 
  • Courteous like no other ortho in WA.State. [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • The whole staff we dealt with were amazing, patient, compassionate and professional!! [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • The staff at Washington Orthopedic Center is awesome! All are friendly and extremely competent and professional. The Anesthesiologist is EXCELLENT. I consider myself most qualified to make this assessment, given that I have undergone several procedures here. And let me just add that my confidence and appreciation for the Washington Orthopedic Center facility has grown with each experience. My sincere thanks! [visit for Keith R Birchard, M.D.] 

Christy Caple, PA-C Comments

  • I have found Christy to be patient, understanding and gracious. I was thrilled to find my referral from another doctor was to see her for this new problem. Her attention to my situation at my previous visit allowed her to successfully treat my condition at that time, providing a simple answer and quick and lasting relief. 
  • Thank you Christy for your time. Also would like to say this group of people are on it. They all work together very well 

Keith R. Birchard, M.D. Comments

  • Very personable. He made the injury understandable.  
  • He was very helpful and respectful of my situation. I appreciate how he took the time to listen to what I had to say.  
  • Thank you for getting things going quickly on my medical issues
  • Dr. Birchard is the first Orthopedist in Washington State that understand my factor 5 problem and support me. Not talking that I MUST have knee replacement. Thanks to Him I do not have to go back to Texas.The shots I got in Texas was SUPARTZ. iI feel so much better from the shot he gave me last Monday. Thank you Dr. Birchard.
  • Enjoyed meeting this Dr. explained my options and willing to work with my request. Understood my condition and my needs.  
  • He spoke loud enough for my husband, the patient to hear.  
  • Dr. Birchard has successfully treated me for several impairing hand conditions. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon!

Keith V. Anderson, M.D. Comments

  • I have been a patient of Dr Anderson for various ailments for over twenty years and he has always been number.
  • Dr. Anderson has performed 8 surgeries on me and all have improved my quality of life. 
  • He’s a gem. So well trained, skillful surgeon, kind, caring individual. Because of his excellent surgery skills, my amputation healed very well, and I walked myself to the altar when I got married 10 months later. So great to have him attend wedding! He’s very humble, too. Some surgeons have super-sized egos! Not Dr Anderson. He’s a wonderful doctor! 
  • Excellent 
  • I found Dr Anderson’s “bedside manners” exceptional! Very knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable having him as my family orthopedist.  
  • Real clear about what I need to do.
  • Very professional office. 

Michael D. Dujela, D.P.M. Comments

  • I was treated with compassion even tho my reason to visit was not an emergency. The nurses were very helpful and answered my questions. Dr. Dujela was very open to me about what I could do for my neuropathy. 
  • He was very good to explain what was wrong and treatment for the condition i really liked him 
  • Dr Dujela and his staff are the BEST 
  • A very efficient Dr. Office staff was exceptional.
  • This was definitely one of my better surgical experiences
  • World class doctor and staff. I trust him completely! 
  • Dr. Dujela was awesome, felt like I was listened to. Also like your waiting room, soft music and not the news! 
  • Dr. Dujela was very kind along with all of the staff. I have never experienced such a respectful and kind staff for treatment. Thank you. 
  • He is the best doctor ever.
  • Not much to say but Dr. Dujela has a great ear and listens to you,that give me great respect for him.

Scott Slattery, M.D. Comments

  • I have been thrilled with all of the services and treatment I have received from Dr. Slattery and his staff; and have recommended him and Washington Orthopedic to many others.  
  • I asked Dr. Slattery to give me a cortizone shot in my knee to try to help the constant pain I’ve had since my complete knee replacement. He gave me the shot and it has helped tremendously. As a result, the constant pain has lessened. I’ll check back with him when the shot wears off to see what he recommends for future treatment. I appreciated that he listened to me. 
  • I was very nervous about Dr Slattery, all orthopedic surgeons before him I had dealt with were arrogant and seemed in a hurry to be done with me instead of really listening. I felt Dr. Slattery truly listened to my complaints and answered all my questions without being condescending. He was quick to get to my diagnosis and remedy my problem instead of throwing a bunch of “well let’s try this first” approaches. I very much appreciated his and his staff attentiveness and prompt responses to my questions and concerns!

Q & A with Jessica Hannigan – WOC Physician Assistant


Q1.) You’re originally from North Carolina. What, besides a job, made you want to move to the Pacific Northwest?

Everyone has always raved about the beauty of the pacific northwest and how there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Being from the mountains of western North Carolina, outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing and boating have always been a part of my life so I wanted to move to an area where I could continue those activities.

Q2.) What are you most excited to see and/or do in Washington?

I am very excited about seeing Olympic National Park/Forest. I am also looking forward to experiencing these “summers” that all the Washington natives say make the rainy months bearable.

Q3.) Becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) isn’t the easiest thing to do. What was the hardest part of becoming a PA for you, and what do you recommend to others who want to become a PA?

The hardest part of becoming a PA was learning that you are not always going to have or know the answer to everything and that it is okay to say “I don’t know but I will find out for you.” I recommend to others wanting to become a PA that there are going to be tough times before and during the process of becoming a PA, but to keep your head up and work hard.


Q4.) What has been your favorite part of being a Physician Assistant so far?

My favorite part of being a PA is getting to meet people of various backgrounds. People have such interesting stories and I love getting to know more about my patients.

Q5.) Time for some fun questions. If you could choose any orthopedic superpower, what superpower would you choose?

My orthopedic superpower would be the ability to completely regenerate torn tendons with one injection. The injection would take 1 week to provide full regeneration of the tendon. In regards to activity, the patient would be back to full activity within 2 weeks of receiving the injection.

Q6.) If you could be any character from a tv show, which character would you be and why?

I would be Carmen Sandiego from the tv show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. I think it would be awesome to just travel around the world and explore the various cultures.


Q7.) If you had to eat any one type of food(ex. pasta, soup, rice dishes), which food would you eat?

Bread. I love any and all types of bread. 🙂

We hope you are as excited about Jessica as we are. Please help us welcome Jessica into our clinic as she begins seeing patients. Feel free to give us a call at 360-736-2889 to schedule your appointment with WOC physician assistant, Jessica Hannigan today!

The Advantages of the Direct Anterior Approach to Total Hip Surgery

Scott Slattery, MD

Scott Slattery, MD

Total joint hip replacement is now easier than ever

By choosing Dr. Slattery to perform the direct anterior approach to total hip surgery, patients are more frequently finding themselves walking the same day as surgery.

What makes the direct anterior approach to total hip surgery special?

Unlike the traditional “posterior” method, which requires a surgeon to navigate through several large muscles at the back of the hip, approaching from the front (anterior) part of the hip spares muscles and can greatly decrease recovery time. In addition, the improved positioning of patients during the operation allows Dr. Slattery to x-ray hips during the surgery to ensure proper positioning and length of the artificial hip, something that can’t be done with the traditional method.

Gary Hockett, a recent patient of Dr. Slattery’s, elected to undergo the anterior approach total hip procedure, and is a perfect example of how this surgery can change the course of lives. Mr. Hockett explained that he was walking the first day after surgery and stated “I feel great,” as he was striding down the clinic hallways. He went on to mention that “I haven’t taken a pain pill since the ninth day after surgery.” At two weeks after his operation he was easily getting his life back, and at his six week follow up he was released to ride his horses again. “Now that I’m back to riding horses, I’ve had to start getting that white horse you see in the picture back into shape.” Clearly, Gary is a picture perfect example of how the direct anterior approach to total hip surgery can save your active lifestyle.

Gary back in the saddle after his Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Gary Hockett needed a hip surgery procedure that would allow him to quickly get back to his active lifestyle.

With a recovery time often half that of the traditional method, the anterior approach makes elective hip surgery an easier decision to make. Schedule your first appointment with Dr. Slattery at Washington Orthopaedic Center by calling 360-736-2889 today!

-Article by Levi Bale

Orthopedic Surgeon Reviews – Centralia, Washington

Washington Orthopaedic Center Orthopedic Doctor Group Photo

Dr. Dujela is a world class outstanding provider, a true physician in every sense of the word. I could never say enough about his superlative expertise and amazing kindness to me throughout the whole process of healing my broken ankle. I am now almost back to normal and owe it all to him!”

“I’ve known Dr Dujela for more than 10 years. He cared for me at his former clinic when I broke my ankle, and saved my friend’s leg from amputation just a year or so ago, when it seemed impossible. I can’t say enough good about Dr. Dujela. They just don’t come any better
than him!”

“Dr. Dujela and staff are very nice and professional with a smile. You can tell they truly care about their patients and help you progress in your medical care and recovery after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Dujela and staff for their excellent care and follow up. Thank you.”

“I believe that Dr. Slattery is an excellent surgeon and I am very confident that my knee will be at or close to 100% functional when I have completely healed.”

“This was my first surgery, and Dr. Slattery ﴾and everyone else involved﴿ made me feel comfortable and confident with the process”

“Dr. Anderson and all the staff was very professional and very helpful to me during my whole experience. I will definitely be coming back
next time that I need any Orthopedic work done.”

“I came to this practice after dealing with two others. Dr. Anderson’s staff and his “bedside manner” is why I chose to have my surgery there and will continue to use this practice if ever needing this type of service again.”

“Dr. Birchard did an excellent job of explaining my injury to me, listening to me about pain levels, discussing pain management, and prescribing the appropriate medication. He also made sure that I was quickly scheduled for a follow up MRI and was looking forward to going over the results with me to make a sound medical decision about my care. I have every confidence in Dr.Birchard’s decisions, suggestions, and opinions.”

“Fantastic service! Very polite, professional, personable and well‐informed. I look forward to my continuing care knowing Dr. Birchard is there for me.”

“Felt very comfortable with Dr. Birchard, and his assessment of that needed to be done. Gave me the assurance that I would have a great out come.”

“The staff works as a team. Effectively communicating between all members to maintain high standards of patient care.”

“WOC has always provided excellent care for our family.”

“I feel very blessed to have this level of care, thank you very much”

“Dr. Birchard was very personable, clearly explained my injury, and thoroughly answered all of my questions.”

“Professional and efficient as well as “Super Knowledgeable””

“I was very impressed with the staff, the clean facility and the doctor. WOW! Everyone seemed happy to be working here, which is a sign of great management”

“Dr. Dujela took time to explain, he did not seem rushed, which is a nice feeling!”

“The entire staff & the Doctor who put me under impressed me. Everyone was cheerful, focused, and skillful. IT felt like a well-organized pajama party”

“Dr. Dujela is an outstanding provider!”