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Dr. Bryan Nestor Reviews



– I was very impressed with Dr. Nestor’s knowledge of my condition and the surgeries that had previously been performed. He listened to my concerns and was very attentive. I definitely will come back to him for future issues. Plus, it is very nice to have another orthopedic option in Olympia!

– Doctor was very personable and informative. He just seemed like a great guy, willing to spend time with me and explain what my condition was. I really liked him and will not hesitate to see him again. Good guy and very competent at what he does.

– What a blessing, best Doc I’ve seen. Dr. Nestor was great. He took time and I could tell he cared. He fully explained to my wife and I my conditions and the pros and cons of surgery and recovery in detail. The medical profession is lacking great doctors like Dr. Nestor. He is a breath of fresh air. I trust him and that’s so important when dealing with your health/life.

– I was very impressed with Dr. Nestor. He was knowledgeable, patient, and listened to me. He gave clear instructions for self-treatment exercises to assist me to progress to resolving my inflamed tissues. Thank you, Dr. Nestor. I hope to stay healthy and not have to return too soon, but will certainly return if needed!