An improved Approach to Tendonitis Treatment: Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injections have been making headway in medicine for the last decade due to their effective treatment of common tendonitis pain. While PRP injections are most often used to heal the chronically inflamed tendons of your ankle, knee, and elbow, they have also been used to treat fractures, tears, and arthritis as well. The procedure is most popular among active individuals and is often utilized by professional athletes, such as Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal to name a few. We all know the road to recovery from a chronic overuse injury can often be an irritating one, and while this treatment may be a solution to your problem, let’s first go over what this procedure is as well as the pros and cons.

The Procedure:blood cells

Platelet-rich plasma injections are injections of, you guessed it, platelets directly into the injured area. To do this, the nurse first draws your blood. After a quick process to separate the blood into its components, the doctor then takes the platelet portion and injects the platelets directly into the area of interest. Why platelets? While platelets are commonly known for their blood clotting effects, platelets also contain a high concentration of growth factors that help speed up recovery. After a brief period of continued discomfort after the injection, the body then begins to utilize the concentrated growth factors to repair the chronically injured area.

The Pros:

  • The procedure only takes about 30 minutes.
  • The injections are site-specific.
  • The cost of treatment is a fraction of other, more invasive, treatment options like surgery.
  • No foreign material is being injected into your body; it’s a concentration of your own healing mechanisms.

The Cons:

  • The procedure is moderately invasive, due to the drawing of your blood.
  • Numbing agents cannot be used before injecting the injured site.
  • Insurance doesn’t always cover the cost.

kayaking injury elbow painIf you are an active individual seeking out help with relieving your pain and improving your function, this procedure may be for you. Several of our providers, including Dr. Slattery, Dr. Dujela and Dr. Morishige, have been administering PRP injections for years. A couple of them have even tried the treatment themselves. In fact, Morishige has had several PRP injections to help with his chronic tendonitis from competing as a D-1 athlete during college and can attest to its success on himself.

There are several locations in the South Sound Region that offer this treatment, however our Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons, Dr. Slattery and Dr. Morishige, and our RN’s bring a level of expertise that is not found anywhere else. Specifically, Dr. Slattery has a subspecialty in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Dr. Morishige is fellowship trained in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. Dr. Dujela also has extensive training and years of experience administering PRP injections. The location of the injection can be the most important factor concerning the success of the treatment, and we assure you that we can provide the best possible outcome thanks to our training. On top of all this, Washington Orthopaedic Center offers this procedure for a fraction of the price that other offices may charge. Be active in your journey to an improved quality of life. Give us a call at 360-736-2889 to set up a consultation today.

What You Need to Know About Osteoporosis

Man helping elderly woman with osteoporosis walk

If you are 1 in 2 women or 1 in 4 men over the age of 50, your life is affected by osteoporosis. But what really is osteoporosis, and what effects might it have on your life?

Osteoporosis literally means “porous bone”

It is typically the result of poor bone formation and or excessive bone loss, which eventually leads to a decrease in bone density. Factors that affect your bone density include age, hormone levels, activity status, and diet. However age tends to be the overarching culprit for the changes, as the other three factors often change along with age.

For example, sex hormones decrease in both females and males as we age. For females, menopause greatly decreases estrogen output, and for males, testosterone begins a gradual downward slope beginning around age 30. Bone density is negatively impacted as both of these hormones decrease. Yet, although everyone does experience a decrease in their sex hormones over time, other factors such as activity status and diet can help offset those effects.

Physical activity and forms of exercise are well known methods to maintain or improve bone density as you age. Wolff’s Law, developed in the 19th century by Julius Wolff, explains this idea perfectly, “bone function changes cause bone structure modification.” This means that, to a point, our bodies adapt to increased loads, such as increasing our bone density as we begin lifting weights, dancing, or running. However, just like everything, too much exercise or physical activity can result in an increased risk of injury or an increased production of the stress hormone cortisone, which decreases bone density when made it too great amounts or for extended periods of time.Osteoporosis_Locations

Diet also plays a critical role in fending off osteoporosis

Most of us probably grew up being told to drink milk to keep our bones strong. To a point this is true because milk contains calcium, which is a key contributor to improving bone formation. Yet, while calcium is important, maintaining a calorically and nutritionally rich diet may be just as, or more, important. This is why eating disorders are HUGE contributors to poor bone health. Not only do eating disorders greatly decrease the consumption of calories, once again activating the release of cortisone, but they also decrease the essential nutrients needed to build more bone and limit bone degradation. Eating a nutritionally and calorically dense diet is a sure way to maintain good bone health.

Osteoporosis is affecting more lives than ever

In fact, in a report for the US Surgeon General in 2004, the number of hip fractures, due in large part to osteoporosis, is expected to double or triple in frequency by the year 2020. With so many people being affected by osteoporosis, you probably know of someone who has broken their hip and the difficult return they have taken to regain their normal lives. Maybe you even know someone who has been taken care of by one of our surgeons at Washington Orthopaedic Center for a hip fracture. As a family centered clinic, we strive to bring our patients the best personalized and quality of care available. We sincerely wish you the best of health, but if anything should happen please be aware that we are here to help. Give us a call at 360-736-2889 to schedule an appointment with us today!

-Article by Levi Bale

Washington Orthopaedic Center Patient Survey

orthopedic patient from washington orthopaedic center taking a survey

Staff and Facility Comments

  • The receptionist to schedule my MRI was awesome. She went the extra mile to get my appointment scheduled at good time for me as I travel a ways to get there. She was a 10. [visit for Keith V Anderson, M.D.]
  • I’ve been visiting WOC for about four years and have always had excellent care from all staff. I drive from Olympia to this clinic because of the quality of care I receive. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • Facility was clean, large waiting room, [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • THE BEST CARE FROM PEOPLE THAT CARE—-THANKS— [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • mostly excellent. dr n did a great job on my leg years back. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • This organization is Top Drawer. Everyone I associated with has been GREAT. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • Excellent. [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • Every one is great [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • Would recommend this provider to anyone who would need their service [visit for Keith R Birchard, M.D.] 
  • Courteous like no other ortho in WA.State. [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • The whole staff we dealt with were amazing, patient, compassionate and professional!! [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • The staff at Washington Orthopedic Center is awesome! All are friendly and extremely competent and professional. The Anesthesiologist is EXCELLENT. I consider myself most qualified to make this assessment, given that I have undergone several procedures here. And let me just add that my confidence and appreciation for the Washington Orthopedic Center facility has grown with each experience. My sincere thanks! [visit for Keith R Birchard, M.D.] 

Christy Caple, PA-C Comments

  • I have found Christy to be patient, understanding and gracious. I was thrilled to find my referral from another doctor was to see her for this new problem. Her attention to my situation at my previous visit allowed her to successfully treat my condition at that time, providing a simple answer and quick and lasting relief. 
  • Thank you Christy for your time. Also would like to say this group of people are on it. They all work together very well 

Keith R. Birchard, M.D. Comments

  • Very personable. He made the injury understandable.  
  • He was very helpful and respectful of my situation. I appreciate how he took the time to listen to what I had to say.  
  • Thank you for getting things going quickly on my medical issues
  • Dr. Birchard is the first Orthopedist in Washington State that understand my factor 5 problem and support me. Not talking that I MUST have knee replacement. Thanks to Him I do not have to go back to Texas.The shots I got in Texas was SUPARTZ. iI feel so much better from the shot he gave me last Monday. Thank you Dr. Birchard.
  • Enjoyed meeting this Dr. explained my options and willing to work with my request. Understood my condition and my needs.  
  • He spoke loud enough for my husband, the patient to hear.  
  • Dr. Birchard has successfully treated me for several impairing hand conditions. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon!

Keith V. Anderson, M.D. Comments

  • I have been a patient of Dr Anderson for various ailments for over twenty years and he has always been number.
  • Dr. Anderson has performed 8 surgeries on me and all have improved my quality of life. 
  • He’s a gem. So well trained, skillful surgeon, kind, caring individual. Because of his excellent surgery skills, my amputation healed very well, and I walked myself to the altar when I got married 10 months later. So great to have him attend wedding! He’s very humble, too. Some surgeons have super-sized egos! Not Dr Anderson. He’s a wonderful doctor! 
  • Excellent 
  • I found Dr Anderson’s “bedside manners” exceptional! Very knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable having him as my family orthopedist.  
  • Real clear about what I need to do.
  • Very professional office. 

Michael D. Dujela, D.P.M. Comments

  • I was treated with compassion even tho my reason to visit was not an emergency. The nurses were very helpful and answered my questions. Dr. Dujela was very open to me about what I could do for my neuropathy. 
  • He was very good to explain what was wrong and treatment for the condition i really liked him 
  • Dr Dujela and his staff are the BEST 
  • A very efficient Dr. Office staff was exceptional.
  • This was definitely one of my better surgical experiences
  • World class doctor and staff. I trust him completely! 
  • Dr. Dujela was awesome, felt like I was listened to. Also like your waiting room, soft music and not the news! 
  • Dr. Dujela was very kind along with all of the staff. I have never experienced such a respectful and kind staff for treatment. Thank you. 
  • He is the best doctor ever.
  • Not much to say but Dr. Dujela has a great ear and listens to you,that give me great respect for him.

Scott Slattery, M.D. Comments

  • I have been thrilled with all of the services and treatment I have received from Dr. Slattery and his staff; and have recommended him and Washington Orthopedic to many others.  
  • I asked Dr. Slattery to give me a cortizone shot in my knee to try to help the constant pain I’ve had since my complete knee replacement. He gave me the shot and it has helped tremendously. As a result, the constant pain has lessened. I’ll check back with him when the shot wears off to see what he recommends for future treatment. I appreciated that he listened to me. 
  • I was very nervous about Dr Slattery, all orthopedic surgeons before him I had dealt with were arrogant and seemed in a hurry to be done with me instead of really listening. I felt Dr. Slattery truly listened to my complaints and answered all my questions without being condescending. He was quick to get to my diagnosis and remedy my problem instead of throwing a bunch of “well let’s try this first” approaches. I very much appreciated his and his staff attentiveness and prompt responses to my questions and concerns!

Q & A with Jessica Hannigan – WOC Physician Assistant


Q1.) You’re originally from North Carolina. What, besides a job, made you want to move to the Pacific Northwest?

Everyone has always raved about the beauty of the pacific northwest and how there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Being from the mountains of western North Carolina, outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing and boating have always been a part of my life so I wanted to move to an area where I could continue those activities.

Q2.) What are you most excited to see and/or do in Washington?

I am very excited about seeing Olympic National Park/Forest. I am also looking forward to experiencing these “summers” that all the Washington natives say make the rainy months bearable.

Q3.) Becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) isn’t the easiest thing to do. What was the hardest part of becoming a PA for you, and what do you recommend to others who want to become a PA?

The hardest part of becoming a PA was learning that you are not always going to have or know the answer to everything and that it is okay to say “I don’t know but I will find out for you.” I recommend to others wanting to become a PA that there are going to be tough times before and during the process of becoming a PA, but to keep your head up and work hard.


Q4.) What has been your favorite part of being a Physician Assistant so far?

My favorite part of being a PA is getting to meet people of various backgrounds. People have such interesting stories and I love getting to know more about my patients.

Q5.) Time for some fun questions. If you could choose any orthopedic superpower, what superpower would you choose?

My orthopedic superpower would be the ability to completely regenerate torn tendons with one injection. The injection would take 1 week to provide full regeneration of the tendon. In regards to activity, the patient would be back to full activity within 2 weeks of receiving the injection.

Q6.) If you could be any character from a tv show, which character would you be and why?

I would be Carmen Sandiego from the tv show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. I think it would be awesome to just travel around the world and explore the various cultures.


Q7.) If you had to eat any one type of food(ex. pasta, soup, rice dishes), which food would you eat?

Bread. I love any and all types of bread. 🙂

We hope you are as excited about Jessica as we are. Please help us welcome Jessica into our clinic as she begins seeing patients. Feel free to give us a call at 360-736-2889 to schedule your appointment with WOC physician assistant, Jessica Hannigan today!

The Advantages of the Direct Anterior Approach to Total Hip Surgery

Scott Slattery, MD

Scott Slattery, MD

Total joint hip replacement is now easier than ever

By choosing Dr. Slattery to perform the direct anterior approach to total hip surgery, patients are more frequently finding themselves walking the same day as surgery.

What makes the direct anterior approach to total hip surgery special?

Unlike the traditional “posterior” method, which requires a surgeon to navigate through several large muscles at the back of the hip, approaching from the front (anterior) part of the hip spares muscles and can greatly decrease recovery time. In addition, the improved positioning of patients during the operation allows Dr. Slattery to x-ray hips during the surgery to ensure proper positioning and length of the artificial hip, something that can’t be done with the traditional method.

Gary Hockett, a recent patient of Dr. Slattery’s, elected to undergo the anterior approach total hip procedure, and is a perfect example of how this surgery can change the course of lives. Mr. Hockett explained that he was walking the first day after surgery and stated “I feel great,” as he was striding down the clinic hallways. He went on to mention that “I haven’t taken a pain pill since the ninth day after surgery.” At two weeks after his operation he was easily getting his life back, and at his six week follow up he was released to ride his horses again. “Now that I’m back to riding horses, I’ve had to start getting that white horse you see in the picture back into shape.” Clearly, Gary is a picture perfect example of how the direct anterior approach to total hip surgery can save your active lifestyle.

Gary back in the saddle after his Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Gary Hockett needed a hip surgery procedure that would allow him to quickly get back to his active lifestyle.

With a recovery time often half that of the traditional method, the anterior approach makes elective hip surgery an easier decision to make. Schedule your first appointment with Dr. Slattery at Washington Orthopaedic Center by calling 360-736-2889 today!

-Article by Levi Bale

Orthopedic Surgeon Reviews – Centralia, Washington

Washington Orthopaedic Center Orthopedic Doctor Group Photo

Dr. Dujela is a world class outstanding provider, a true physician in every sense of the word. I could never say enough about his superlative expertise and amazing kindness to me throughout the whole process of healing my broken ankle. I am now almost back to normal and owe it all to him!”

“I’ve known Dr Dujela for more than 10 years. He cared for me at his former clinic when I broke my ankle, and saved my friend’s leg from amputation just a year or so ago, when it seemed impossible. I can’t say enough good about Dr. Dujela. They just don’t come any better
than him!”

“Dr. Dujela and staff are very nice and professional with a smile. You can tell they truly care about their patients and help you progress in your medical care and recovery after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Dujela and staff for their excellent care and follow up. Thank you.”

“I believe that Dr. Slattery is an excellent surgeon and I am very confident that my knee will be at or close to 100% functional when I have completely healed.”

“This was my first surgery, and Dr. Slattery ﴾and everyone else involved﴿ made me feel comfortable and confident with the process”

“Dr. Anderson and all the staff was very professional and very helpful to me during my whole experience. I will definitely be coming back
next time that I need any Orthopedic work done.”

“I came to this practice after dealing with two others. Dr. Anderson’s staff and his “bedside manner” is why I chose to have my surgery there and will continue to use this practice if ever needing this type of service again.”

“Dr. Birchard did an excellent job of explaining my injury to me, listening to me about pain levels, discussing pain management, and prescribing the appropriate medication. He also made sure that I was quickly scheduled for a follow up MRI and was looking forward to going over the results with me to make a sound medical decision about my care. I have every confidence in Dr.Birchard’s decisions, suggestions, and opinions.”

“Fantastic service! Very polite, professional, personable and well‐informed. I look forward to my continuing care knowing Dr. Birchard is there for me.”

“Felt very comfortable with Dr. Birchard, and his assessment of that needed to be done. Gave me the assurance that I would have a great out come.”

“The staff works as a team. Effectively communicating between all members to maintain high standards of patient care.”

“WOC has always provided excellent care for our family.”

“I feel very blessed to have this level of care, thank you very much”

“Dr. Birchard was very personable, clearly explained my injury, and thoroughly answered all of my questions.”

“Professional and efficient as well as “Super Knowledgeable””

“I was very impressed with the staff, the clean facility and the doctor. WOW! Everyone seemed happy to be working here, which is a sign of great management”

“Dr. Dujela took time to explain, he did not seem rushed, which is a nice feeling!”

“The entire staff & the Doctor who put me under impressed me. Everyone was cheerful, focused, and skillful. IT felt like a well-organized pajama party”

“Dr. Dujela is an outstanding provider!”

Dr. Michael Dujela Reappointed as National Chairman

Dr Michael Dujela, a foot and ankle surgeon at Washington Orthopaedic Center in Centralia, has been reappointed as the National Chairman of the Education and Scientific Affairs Committee for the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, the world’s largest foot and ankle surgical organization. Representing over 7,400 surgeons around North America, this group develops and implements surgical education for advancement and refinement of techniques on a national and regional level. National level foot and ankle expertise is proudly offered at Washington Orthopaedic Center.

By |January 31st, 2017|
  • Dr. Morishige signing with Washington Orthopaedic Center in Centralia
    Permalink Dr. Morishige signing with Washington Orthopaedic Center in CentraliaGallery

    Dr. Mark Morishige Joins The Washington Orthopaedic Center Team

Dr. Mark Morishige Joins The Washington Orthopaedic Center Team

Washington Orthopaedic Center is excited to announce that Dr. Mark Morishige will be joining our team!  Dr. Morishige obtained his medical education from one the of the country’s top 10 medical schools, The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.  He then completed an orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Kansas in Wichita, followed by an arthroscopy and sports medicine fellowship at the Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center and Tulane Institute for Sports Medicine.    

Dr. Morishige has been actively involved in the care for several sports teams that range from high school to division 1 NCAA athletes as well as professional athletes. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Arthroscopy Association of North America and American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.  He has received multiple honors and awards, has extensive research experience, written several textbook chapters and has presented and published articles on shoulder arthroscopy and techniques of shoulder replacements.

Dr. Morishige specializes in advanced arthroscopy of the shoulder, wrist, hip and knee, as well as total shoulder replacements.  He will begin seeing patients here at Washington Orthopaedic Center in March 2017.

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Patient Reviews for Orthopedic Doctors at Washington Orthopaedic Center

andersonDr. Anderson Reviews

“I have tremendous respect for him. He is thoughtful, intelligent, and respectful in all aspects of treatment and patient interaction.”

“I would rather return to this orthopedic facility to have procedures done than any others in MANY miles.”

“I have just returned home from having my second knee replacement in 4 months. I am so pleased with Dr Anderson.”

“I have been treated by Dr Anderson since back in ninety eight starting with spinal surgery then work on my knees and various other bones and joints. Treatment by DR Anderson has always been successful and relieved me from a lot of pain.” 

“Dr. Anderson has made me feel so much better due to his exemplary skills of replacing my knees and helping me with my wrist pain! There are so many things I would like to say about Dr. Anderson in which he has truly helped me in my aches and pains, but, that would be a two inch book and I know you folks don’t have that much time to read it ! I am Very Very Grateful and Most Appreciated to Dr. Anderson by helping me! Once more, I Appreciate Dr. Anderson whole Big Bunches!!!!! Thank You Dr. Anderson!!!!”

“Dr. Anderson has performed six surgeries on me and I have been pleased after every one.” 

“Great place with caring, dedicated people. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for the service they provide.”

“Wonderful! Skilled surgeon. Did my amputation 3 years ago. Prosthetist raves about Dr Anderson’s skills leaving a stump that has healed beautifully with very few residual issues! Dr Anderson is just super!” 

“Dr. Anderson has ALL of the skills and personable attention I expect and want from my doctor. I’m pleased I am now a patient of Dr. Anderson because I have total confidence in his knowledge and treatment regarding my condition.” 

Dr. Slattery

Dr. Slattery Reviews

“I couldn’t be more satisfied that I chose Dr. Slattery and WOC for my procedure.”

“I’ve recommended Dr. Slattery to several people already. Love WA Orthopaedic Center!”

“I have already been spreading the word of my satisfaction and how well I have benefited from your care.”

“Good “bed side” manner, professional, credible“

“Very upbeat and positive atmosphere and people – very different than other Ortho office I’ve been to.”

“I appreciate their patients with my husband’s impatience!”

“He took the time to let me explain my past history.”

“Very trustworthy.”

“Very inclusive; exceptional at describing injury; and, personable when discussing solutions.”

“Dr Slattery has become a “family” thing as he has attended to my son, my husband, and my father.” 

“Wonderful doctor. Recommend him to everyone. Thank you for the great service.” 

“After having an incorrect diagnosis from another orthopedist Dr. Slattery quickly appropriately diagnosed and treated me surgically. The entire team was smooth thanks so much!” 

“My knee replacement results from the very beginning were close to miraculous…Thank you Dr. Slattery for not only being a brilliant surgeon and Dr. but for your kindness and knowing that Doctors need to listen to the people who know their bodies better than anyone.”

birchardDr. Birchard Reviews

“We love Dr. Birchard!”

“He is very easy to talk to and very attentive to his patients.”

“Dr. Birchard was kind and attentive and provided excellent medical counsel.” 

“Dr. Birchard was honest and upfront with us. You have no idea how much we appreciate that.” 

“Very good surgeon and after care. I have been very pleased and his concerns on recovery.”  

“His compassionate care is greatly appreciated!”

“He was very easy to talk to and explained everything in a way I could understand. Seemed to really care about my health.” 

“Very exceptional doctor. He is not only very knowledgeable in his field, he has a terrific “bed side” manner and is very good at making a patient feel relaxed while discussing options for medical decisions.”  

“Dr. Birchard is among the most compassionate, caring individuals I have met in the medical field. His obvious competency is reassuring.” 

“I received the HIGHEST level of care (that I have come to expect) from both Dr. Birchard and all of the staff that had interactions with me during my recent visits to Washington Orthopaedic Clinic. Thank you very much!” 

“The hand issue I saw Dr. Birchard for has been a huge problem since December 2015. I have seen several Doctors, but he is the first one to explain things.”

Orthopedic doctor, foot and ankle surgeonDr. Dujela Reviews

“I am a doctor and I would recommend him to friends/family and my patients!” 

Dr. Dujela explained the surgery and the risks and the recovery as well as answer all our questions.” 

“We had very little wait. We were checked in for Procedure quickly in was completed efficiently.”

“Great job, very caring and helpful.  Great team.”

“Love the professionalism”

“Washington Orthopaedic Center was a godsend for me. My broken ankle has been a stressful, frightening experience and the first clinic I went to was not only slow but the treatment was subpar on several fronts. I made an appointment with Dr. Dujela for a second opinion, with hope for a better experience, and as soon as I spoke with Debbie on the phone I felt better. She and the rest of the staff are very pleasant and helpful, going out of their way to ensure patients are comfortable and treated with professional respect. In my opinion, and I know I speak for my husband as well, Washington Ortho Center now sets the standard we’re going to expect from healthcare as we continue to relocate to the Centralia area.”

“I had previously seen a General Practice and a P/A concerning my problem with no success.  After seeing Dr. Dujela, I began to see real progress and pain relief within 36 hours. I really wish I had come here first.”  

“Dr. Dujela is a very carrying, compassionate doctor that listens to his patients and explains things to where I can understand. Excellent bedside manners. “

“Dr. Dujela is an excellent physician who greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only is he extremely efficient, with a prompt courteous staff who reflected the same level of professionalism, but he also eased all fears I had with regards to the care of my broken ankle. And, he did so with a bed side manner and level of expertise which restored faith in medicine after the very poor treatment my ankle had received at another health center. My husband and I were pleased to hear he instructs other physicians and medical students because his methods most certainly should be emulated in the profession. I’ll highly recommend him to anyone I know who is in need of orthopedic care.” 

“What Dr. Dujela had to say was not an easy thing, but he did it with grace and tact. Moreover, I continue to have confidence in him, which is why I came to him in the first place–I’d lost confidence in my previous doctor.” 

“It is easy to understand why both my PT and Acupuncture provider strongly suggested I see Dr. Dujela.”

“As a new patient to this practice, I was quite impressed with how expediently I was seen, my questions, issues addressed and the time that the Dr. was able to see me. He instilled a feeling of confidence and I trust that I will be receiving excellent care from Dr. Dujela.” 

“He has treated me for several foot/ankle issues since 2003 – I wouldn’t go to anyone else!” 

“Dr. Dujela has the best bedside manner! He always takes the time to talk TO you, not AT you. He involves you in decisions and explains things in a way that those of us with no medical degree can understand. He’s thorough but conservative. I trust his judgment completely.”  

hook-1023863_1280Christy Caple, PA-C Reviews

“Thank you for your help and I am excited to continue working with you during all my testing”

“I’ve been to a lot of doctors in other area and this is by far the best.  Thank you so much.”

“Knowledgeable, caring, great to have her as my provider” 

“I have always had excellent care. I would recommend anyone to them.”

Christy is personable and I felt she did a thorough exam. She left and went to speak with Dr. Birchard who ended up coming in and giving his opinion as well. Much appreciated!” 

“Very easy to talk to and never made me feel foolish with my questions!! [I] Have a hearing problem and she was very careful to make sure I heard and understood.” 

“I appreciate Christy’s direct approach. I believe she has my best interest in mind.” 

“Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, with a great sense of humor.”

“I appreciate that due to other health issues my treatment needed to be unique. She handled all of my issues with great respect and gave informative information. I feel extremely comfortable with her guidance and knowledge.” 

“Knew her stuff. Sense of humor, talked about my condition and time frame for healing including any possibilities of extra need to address and bewares. Professional and knowledgeable. Informed me of I can dos and I can’t dos, and what best I can do until I heal.”

“Christy and her staff are excellent. They make you feel good about your issues. They also have a great sense of humor.“ 

ASC Reviews

“The surgical center staff are so kind and caring. Very good team and they make me feel comfortable. My veins are very hard to find and the care and compassion they show in making it easy on me really shows.”

“This is the ONLY surgical setting that does NOT give me a panic attack just at the thought of entering the door as a patient. This is entirely because of the caring, competent staff who go above and beyond to make this as “pleasant” of an experience as possible. Three cheers for each and every one from reception to discharge!!! THANK YOU ALL.”

“The surgeons are in my opinion absolutely the best.”

“If I have to have surgery again I want it done at your facility.  I know the care is excellent.”


“Very pleasant and comfortable, the staff are very efficient.”

“Very clean and comfortable surroundings.”

Clinic Reviews

“You do Not feel just like a number….they all treat you with respect and kindness and make you feel welcome and want to help you no matter your color or how poor you are…best place I have ever been to for any kind of treatment…thank you.”

“The building and waiting area is quite pleasant and soothing.  Beautiful all around.”

“The entire staff was just outstanding in the personal care that they give and work very well together.”

“The techs in x-ray and MRI were great.”

“Great people – great experience.”

“The folks at Washington Orthopaedic Center are fantastic!  Excellent experience!”

“I was very impressed with the overall help that I received from all the people that work at the Center. The waiting room was quite pleasant for waiting, and it was bright and cheerful.”

“Always a pleasure to be seen at Washington Ortho. This was my sons 2nd time needing care and everyone is always so kind and friendly.”

“I highly recommend this facility!!”

“Very relaxing environment and friendly/empathetic staff.”

“ALL the Staff at Washington Orthopaedic Center have been just the BEST in helping me with all my concerns and needs! Everyone has been Very helpful and do their duties in a most professional excellent exemplary manner! I have been blessed with having all of the Staff’s support and help in which I am so Very Grateful! Kudos to All the Staff!”

“I am impressed with their efficiency and friendly manner with patients.”

“The Center provided me with patience, kindness, and understanding all handled with professional skills.”

“New to area and saw ad in a paper. Was very glad to check them out. Very happy we chose them for this care”

From the person who scheduled my appointment, to the reception staff, to the staff who assisted in the casting room, and helped me into and out of the clinic in a wheelchair, all are simply excellent in attitude and demeanor, friendly, pleasant, informative, and caring.”

“..the doctors at WOC are highly skilled and have a great reputation for doing their work well.”

“Very friendly with not only me, but anybody coming in to check in or check out.”

“Very clean and friendly. Helpful pleasant staff…easy to do business with”

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The Meaning of Our Tree

andry tree orthopedic tree

Andry Tree

We often get asked by patients to explain the significance of the tree that we have in our lobby.  Some of you have noticed that there is a rope tied around the trunk to a straight stake.  Have you ever wondered why that is?  And how it is related to Orthopedics?  It turns out that a bent tree braced to a stake to make it grow upward and straight has been the traditional symbol of orthopedics for hundreds of years.  You will find the the tree symbol in our logo on our business cards and in our letterhead.

nicolas andre orthopedic tree

Nicolas Andry

The word “orthopedics” comes from the words for straight (“orthos” and child (“-paideia”).  It was coined by the French scientist, Nicolas Andry in his 1741 book “Orthopedie” and concerned itself with prevention and correction of deformities of the spine and bones of children.  He used the image of the sapling strapped to a stake to illustrate his ideas.

Those who work in the cast room will tell you the value of splinting to hold a fractured bone straight to prevent deformity. From time to time you may see x-rays that show plates or rods surgically placed on the bone by orthopedists to hold them straight.

Spine care and Pediatrics have now become specialties unto themselves and Orthopaedics has evolved to include total joint replacements, ligament and tendon repairs, and hand surgery as well as surgery to hold fractured bones straight.  Still we look to our roots (!) in trying to keep things straight when we look at the orthopedic tree in our lobby or in our logo.

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