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We asked our patients “Who in particular impressed you?” during their visit at Washington Orthopedic Center. Here is what they had to say:

1. The nursing and medical staff were:
“The best!”
“Very understanding and patient”
“Amazing with my 12 year old”
“Good experience”
“All the medical staff helped me in my wheelchair, they are remarkable.”
“Gave kids balloons”

2. The imaging technicians (X-ray or MRI) were:
“Very competent”
“Very careful of my injury”
“They help me beyond any other x-ray department; they are gentle, and caring that I am in pain.”
“Amazing with my nervous 12 year old”

3. The billing department made my visit:
“Great Service”
“Extremely Helpful!”
“More than helpful and they go the extra step as my secondary insurance is out of state.”

4. Who in particular impressed you?
“Amy, Dr. Dujela and Maretta.”
“I was very impressed by Dr. Anderson. He took his time, explained things well and I left the office very pleased.”
“All of the staff impressed me. They treated me with respect and concern. My Dr. was the most impressive. He really treated me well.”
“Everyone was friendly and helpful”
“Can you do primary care too? Love this office!”
“X-ray Tech”
“Receptionist – scheduler”
“Dr. Birchard”
“Christ Huntley and nurse Cindy.”
“Everyone! WOW!!”
“Dr. Dujela – Thank you so much for my straight toes!!”
“The Doctor”
“All the staff who assist on my visit”
“All Staff”
“Dr. Dujela and Sharon Lang”
“I was impressed by every person I saw, all the way from the front desk to the doctor.”
“All Staff”
“Dr. Birchard and Maretta”
“My appointment was with Dr. Slattery specifically for a 2nd opinion… very worthwhile… saved me a lot of unnecessary (potentially damaging) procedure elsewhere.”
“Great experience!”
“Debbie is outstanding; she always greets me, and every patient with a smile, and kind words.”
“To keep up the good work, Dr. Dujela is the best foot Doctor for Centralia!”
“All I can say was excellent”

“Dr. Birchard and X-ray tech”
“Dr. Slattery and his assistants”
“Very satisfied with surgery and care afterwards”
“Dr. Dujela”
“This place is the best! Thank you all!”
“Medical assistants”
“Dr. Dujela and his staff are friends from treatment in 2013. They are always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and effective.”
“Dujela’s nurse”
“Everyone was very friendly and concerned. Made sure I was comfortable and understood what was going on.”
“Dr. Slattery”
“I checked in with Michelle. She was very nice.”
“Front desk! Deb.”
“Maretta Boes”
“X-ray tech”
“Dr. Anderson”
“All were equally impressive”
“The imaging staff! I wanted to give them a hug”
“Sandy, Dr. Anderson’s nurse”
“The staff as a whole”
“The whole staff, they are attentive and courteous to a fault. That is the reason I use this clinic.”
“The imaging department”
“Previous surgeries with Dr. Anderson, who is outstanding”
“They are always great!”
“Very nice”
“Very friendly”
“Very friendly yet professional, I like that.”
“X-rays had already been taken and available”
“Very professional”
“Happily willing to review big disk and extract necessary images”
“Great sense of humor”
“Very businesslike. I appreciated this.”
“Very gentle with me”
“Looked at my disc quickly”
“The imaging girl was extremely patient with my grandson”
“Maretta Boes”
“MRI Tech”
“Christy Caple, very informative, kind”
“Front desk person and Dr. Birchard”
“Ms. Caple”
“All made great impression on me”
“Maretta- she went out of her way to make sure we scheduled for the MRI in a timely fashion and was extremely helpful.”
“Christy and Shalina”
“The kindness”
“Chris Huntley”
“Maretta- she helped get my daughter in for a last minute MRI on Friday 5/1/15. She went above and beyond to get it scheduled. Thank you.”
“Christie, Shalina, worth the drive- I’m switching for ortho needs. Thanks!”
“Everyone! Awesome Job!”
“Dr. Anderson”
“Imaging staff”
“Christy Caple”
“Dr. Dujela”
“Dr. Anderson”
“Dr. Anderson was professional and explained the method of treatment quite well.”
“All the staff”
“Everyone, Christy”
“Dr. Dujela and his entire staff”
“I would like the lady that work’s at the desk I was sent to after my appointment to be acknowledged for her kindness. I am diabetic and my blood sugar levels were dropping she gave me a piece of her candy and made sure I did not need medical attention before we continued with my paperwork. I would like to thank her for her kindness.”


The nursing and medical staff were:


                “I felt very welcome and was treated like family.”




The imaging technicians “Made me feel comfortable and got to listen to music.”

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