We asked our patients “Who in particular impressed you?” during their visit at Washington Orthopedic Center. Here is what they had to say:

“The x-ray guy”
“Chris Huntley…. He was very thorough and took time to answer all of my questions in a manner I could understand.”
“Everyone I came in contact with was excellent.”
“Dr. Dujela is fantastic! If more doctors were like him we would be lucky. I am glad that he is working with us.”
“It is clearly a well-managed facility from the customers’ standpoint. However, I really appreciated that one weekend when I was struggling with itching and discomfort, Dr. Slattery spent time on the phone with me, which worked.”
“Dr. Slattery with professionalism and explaining options in simple terms with suggested direction and understanding. He still had time for treating me as a person not just a patient.”
“Dr. Michael Dujela”
“Josh MRI”
“Your receptionist – she was very friendly.”
“The front desk was very kind and helpful.“
“All the staff I work with.”
“Dr. Slattery”
“Deb, Janet, Heather. Thanks again!”
“Reception Michelle and Christy PA.”
“The receptionist, she was friendly and attentive.”
“Janet at the front desk.”
“Deb at the front desk managed the lobby flow nicely, while checking me in.”
“All I had contact with.”
“Everyone was great. I was very comfortable and treated very well.”
“Expert care”
“Dr. Dujela and Amy”
“Nicest smiles, Great Job! Thank you!”
“Dr. Anderson”
“Dr. Slattery. Especially liked the model knee I was to review and his explanation of my damage over the years.”
“Dr. Sherfey and Darice.”
“Dr. Anderson”
“Dr. Slattery is a wonderful Doctor”
“The person that was doing the billing was very helpful and actually spoke to me – I felt as though she took me for face value as an individual, not necessarily as a patient number.”
“I love Amy, she always gets my answers I forget to ask”
“Dr. Slattery and the wonderful lady that called my insurance for pre-authorization for my injections.”
“I cannot tell you her name but she is the pretty blonde that is second in the row”
“Andrew Martin”
“Dr. Dujela”
“Everyone was great”
“X-ray techs and the woman who helped with follow up care”
“Dr. Dujela and staff – Thank you so much for everything. I couldn’t have had better care. True professionals!! You are all awesome!!
“Maretta Boes, She was amazingly helpful and very professional”
“Dr. Anderson”
“Dr. Dujela”
“Entire operation and staff”
“Dr. Anderson, He’s Awesome”
“The lady at the counter was super helpful”
“Dr. Birchard never seemed to be in a hurry, listened to our questions and concerns, and offered a course of action we were all comfortable with.”
“All staff were outstanding! I spoke with Mrs. Boes at Thorebecks Health Fair. I had a concern about my upcoming appointment. She looked into it for me and called me the next morning to help. She was wonderful.”
“Deb, the receptionist, we had no referral at arriving she spoke with Popes Kid Place and everything was taken care of.”
“Care, Attitude (Positive)!”
“Maretta Boes”
“Lab technician and Dr. Dujela”
“The cast room personnel”
“We winter in Napavine and return to our farm in Iowa in the spring. A health professional friend warned us I would likely find it hard to get a doctor as a new patient out here just walking in the door. I found it was the exact opposite.”
“You guys are fantastic”
“Everyone was great!! Any other orthopedic work we will come here!!”

“Dr. Dujela, Taylor and Amy.
“Everyone, Thank you!”
“Dr. Birchard and Laura”
“Maretta, I think she was the one who got me my MRI.”
“All we interacted with today were wonderful”
“Dr. Dujela. Thank you! Praise and Bless you!”
“Nurse Brandy.”
“Dr. Dujela is great communicator!”
“The surgery scheduler – Laura”
“We want to thank Dr. Dujela and his staff. We had been to a surgeon, a PA-C, our own GP and praise be to God, Dr. Dujela knew immediately what was wrong and got the ball rolling… Thank you for your support and quick thinking.  The Surgeon in Vancouver gave my husband less than 48 hours- Borrowed Time.  Thank you. God Bless each and every one of you.  You saved my husband’s life!”

“All staff were very friendly and helpful from the front desk through entire visit”
“Doctor and greeting staff along with gal taking blood pressure.”
“Front desk billing person was terrific and efficient. Maretta the scheduling person was also, had a great attitude. Attitude is everything eh?”
“Doctor’s information on my problem, Very nice Dr. Helpful information.”
“Dr. Dujela was very good at explaining to me what I needed to do”
“Laura (Surgery Scheduling) very friendly and clear concerning scheduling and questions.”
“The smile of Laura”
“Maretta Boes, Jennifer McCoy and Andrew. Maretta was so kind, efficient and caring. She went out of her way to help us. I appreciate the way we were treated. So helpful!”
“Dr. Anderson”
“Both the Doctor and nurse were nice and professional. I felt they listened and understood me.”
“Dr. Keith Anderson was awesome and kind and very willing to answer questions as needed. MD and the supervisor who helped with paperwork. All were very helpful to patient and nurse case manager in allowing patient to secure paperwork he needed to return to work.
“The efficient operation”
“Check in and Doctor”
“Dr. Slattery.”

“Dr. Sherfey is great & concerned. All the staff are always so friendly & more than helpful. Rate 10 stars.”
“Not one complaint from me. I feel like you have the best x-ray technicians anywhere in the county.”
“I was very pleased to find Dr. Dujela had joined your staff, as I have been his patient tin the past.”
“Good choice of music while in M.R.I.’
“I loved my pac- Jami Rice, today I’m out of pain! Thank you Jami for the good diagnosis!”
“Dr. Birchard always impresses me. The PA was awesome, but I don’t remember her name.”
“The ease that I felt for a difficult problem. I was dealt in a respectful manner and was put at ease by the friendliness of the staff.”
“The assistant to the doctor. She was wonderful.”
“They are all great, but Debbie always has a friendly smile when she greets me. When you are in pain, a friendly attitude is more help than I can ever express.”
“Dr. Slattery and his staff. I personally appreciate having a doctor with confidence, skills, a sense of humor and show a direct care for his patient care and wellbeing. When I ask questions about my surgeries and their procedures… Dr. Slattery and his staff are great with answering, helping me understand what’s going on and the results.”
“The receptionist, nurse and Dr. Dujela are very professional and made my visit a pleasant one. Dr. Dujela explains everything very well and I would recommend him to others.”
“Nothing, in fact it is a pleasure dealing with office and techs and doctors. We feel like we are a part of a great family!”
“My family and I have been patients for many years, and very pleased. Keep up the great work.”
“I have always been treated with respect and concern by everyone”
“Maretta was awesome, dealing with insurance company, got auth and had scan within one hour. The whole staff was incredible.”
“The PA”
“Laura surgery scheduler and Dr. Anderson”
“Maretta was great”
“Jami was great!”
“Front desk & Dr. Dujela”
“Dr. Dujela and staff”
“Everyone I saw was very nice and informative”
“Jennifer McCoy, and the gentleman who gave me instructions for my rehab.”
“Receptionist Debbie”
“Dr. Sherfey and his nurses”
“Nurse and Dr. Birchard”
“My doctor, Dr. Dujela”
“Dr. Anderson made me feel like he really cared and wanted the best for me.”
“Everyone from the receptionist to Dr. Slattery.”
“Jennifer McCoy”
“Everyone that I saw but my Doctor (Dr. Dujela) was beyond expectations, skilled, super-doper-great and beyond!”
“Dr. Justin Sherfey”
“I am impressed with the medical staff and the doctors, and I also value the PAs.”
“Blonde lady who checked us in- very friendly and helpful and Dr. Slattery as always was extremely competent.”
“Dr. Sherfey, Russ the X-ray tech & the sweet blonde nurse who assisted Dr. Sherfey.”
“Dr. Dujela”
“Dr. Slattery is adorable.”
“Dr. Slattery is the best, that is why we asked to see him today (previous surgery years ago).”
“I had a great experience.”
“Everything and I mean everything was hunky-dory, could not have been more satisfied!! Cookies would be nice; Good about explaining what they were doing and why”
“My whole stay was beyond a 10”
“All from start to end”

“Dr. Dujela, excellent service”
“Excellent staff. I have enjoyed my visits. Very impressed with Dr. Dujela and his surgical skills.”
“Dr. Sherfey, Darice, and Debbie”
“Dr. Anderson”
“Dr. Sherfey was very nice and put me at ease. He explained things very well.”
“The nurses and Dr. Sherfey both really impressed me.”
“Everyone I saw.”
“Andrew and Dr. Slattery.”
“All from start to end.”
“Dr. Dujela, excellent service.”
“Excellent staff. I have enjoyed my visits. Very impressed with Dr. Dujela and his surgical skills.”
“Dr. Sherfey, Darice and Debbie.”
“As usual, Dr. Birchard.”
“The nurse that helped me with my splint.”
“I am very impressed with Dr. Sherfey and his staff. Professional, friendly, helpful. A pleasant experience all around. Thank you.”
“The lady PA who gave me the shot.”
“Dr. Sherfey’s PA”
“X-ray Tech”
“The PA of Dr. Anderson was super”
“Dr. Dujela- I would follow him wherever he worked!”
“The staff is great”
“My nurse and Dr. Birchard”
“The assistant that removed my cast and stiches. She was very kind and compassionate.”