Ambulatory Surgery Center CentraliaWashington Orthopaedic Center physicians work with the newest technology and equipment, using the most current techniques in orthopedic surgery at the Ambulatory Surgery Center.

The Ambulatory Surgery Center offers cost-effective, one day surgery. The center was designed by physicians to create an organized, efficient environment for physicians and nursing staff, as well as a comfortable atmosphere for patients and their families. Waiting families appreciate our home-like lounge.

After surgery, patients rest and recover in the “Step-Down-Recovery” area where they are reunited with their family and can enjoy a light snack and liquids.

Prior to leaving the surgery center written instructions on caring for a patient at home are thoroughly reviewed by a nurse and the person responsible to provide care. After surgery, a nurse will call you to follow-up on your condition.

If, for any reason, you or your family have concerns following your return home, a Washington Orthopaedic Center physician is on call 24 hours a day to respond to your concerns.