Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement Surgery

By choosing Dr. Slattery to perform the direct anterior approach to total hip surgery, patients are more frequently finding themselves walking the same day as surgery.

What makes the direct anterior approach to total hip surgery special?

Unlike the traditional “posterior” method, which requires a surgeon to navigate through several large muscles at the back of the hip, approaching from the front (anterior) part of the hip spares muscles and can greatly decrease recovery time. In addition, the improved positioning of patients during the operation allows our doctors to x-ray hips during the surgery to ensure proper positioning and length of the artificial hip, something that can’t be done with the traditional method.

The Direct Anterior Hip Surgery Procedure is Minimally Invasive.

With a recovery time often half that of the traditional method, the anterior approach makes elective hip surgery an easier decision to make. Schedule your first appointment at Washington Orthopaedic Center by calling 360-736-2889 today!