Total Joint Replacement and Knee Replacement Surgeons

The doctors at Washington Orthopaedic Center specialize in total joint replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery. Our facility is conveniently located between Seattle and Portland, and is an easy trip for  Western Washington residents living along the I-5 corridor.

What is Total Joint Replacement?

Total joint replacement is a proven technique for the relief of pain and disability. It is a surgical procedure that removes the damaged cartilage and bone of the patient and replaces the damaged joint with a prosthetic one. It is usually performed on patients that experience severe discomfort on a daily basis due to an underlying condition. Joint replacement surgery typically takes around four hours to complete.

When is Total Joint Replacement necessary?

There are many different conditions that can contribute to life altering joint pain. Some common contributing conditions include arthritis and osteoarthritis. Depending on the severity of the condition, joint replacement surgery may be necessary to improve the patient’s quality of life. Your doctor will be able to best determine if you qualify for joint replacement surgery.

Why Choose Washington Orthopaedic Center for Your Total Joint Replacement Surgery?

  • We use technologically advanced medical equipment. Modern advances support safe and life-changing operations.
  • Our physicians are specialists in this area of orthopedic surgery specializing in rapid return to normal life after total hip and total knee replacement.
  • State-of-the-art computer navigation is an option for some total knee replacement surgeries.
  • Our surgeons perform total joint replacement procedures at both Providence Centralia Hospital and on site at our Ambulatory Surgery Center.
  • Our surgeons perform the total joint replacement at Providence Centralia Hospital, conveniently located next to our facility.
  • The patient comes first when it comes to our physical therapy rehabilitation. Their therapy is started at the hospital under their orthopedic physician’s care and continue rehabilitation in an appropriate setting for their condition and lifestyle.
  • You will have an easy time finding our joint replacement facility which is centrally located between Seattle and Portland, in Centralia, Washington.

If you have any questions about knee replacement or joint replacement surgery or would like to schedule an appointment with a surgeon, contact us today.

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