Physical & Occupational Therapy Locations

The information on this list may change frequently.  We will update it with additional information as we receive it.  It is best to contact your therapist directly for any questions on their hours of operation, availability, and Telehealth options they may have.


Harbor Physical Therapy 360-533-3853

Rehab Visions 360-537-6032 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Castle Rock

PT Northwest 360-274-4550


Centralia Physical Therapy 360-736-5273

Hand Therapy Specialist 360-807-0630 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Providence Physical Therapy (at WOC) 360-330-8627

Providence Physical Therapy & Aquatic Center 360-330-8844

Providence PT/OT (at hospital) 360-330-8720 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Scammon Creek Physical Therapy 360-330-9346

Freeborn Wellness, PLLC 360-870-2473 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Advanced Rehabilitation Speciaties  360-736-0699


Providence Physical Therapy (at Thorbecke’s) 360-330-8850

Cascade Sport and Spine 360-748-1580

Chehalis Physical Therapy 360-996-4410


Rehab Visions 360-482-5640


Hoquiam Therapy Services 360-532-0544

Pacific Care & Rehab 360-532-7882 (offers hand/occupational therapy)


Ocean Beach Physical Therapy 360-642-8551


ATI Physical Therapy 360-456-3300

Capital Physical Therapy 360-491-6074

Hawks Prairie Physical Therapy 360-456-1072

Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy 360-491-1815

ProActive SportsMed 360-455-4448

South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy 360-455-8155 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Puget Sound PT 360-455-0100


ATI Physical Therapy 253-284-9800


Peace Health Outpatient Therapy 360-501-3750 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Longview Physical & Sports Therapy Services 360-578-1188

PT Northwest 360-423-9535 (offers hand/occupational therapy)


Montesano Physical Therapy 360-249-4185


Morton Physical Therapy & OT (at Morton General Hospital) 360-496-3593 (offers hand/occupational therapy)


ATI Physical Therapy 360-709-0700

Capital Medical Center Physical & Hand Therapy 360-956-2562 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Hand Therapy Specialist 877-232-1440 (offers offer hand/occupational therapy)

Peoples Injury Network Northwest 360- 357-7466 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

ProActive SportsMed 360-704-7276

Providence Physical and Hand Therapy 360-493-4995 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Steamboat Physical Therapy 360-866-0408

 South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy – Lilly Rd. 360-486-0640

South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy – Cooper Point Rd. 360-956-1100 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy – Downtown 360-754-7085 (offers hand/occupational therapy)


Fyizcal Medicine & Balance Center 360-273-4747

South Bend

Rehab Visions 360-875-5543


ATI Physical Therapy 360-704-3300 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

Olympia Physical Therapy and Industrial Rehab 360-352-5077 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

ProActive SportsMed 360-528-3300

Providence Tumwater Valley Physical Therapy 360-493-4160 (offers hand/occupational therapy)

South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy (no hand therapist this location) 360-352-7352

Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy 360-819-4335

NW Sports PT 564-999-4146


Rehab Vision 360-268-0725


ATI Physical Therapy 360-458-6400

Yelm Physical Therapy 360- 458-2444

Myofascial Release

Discover Neuro Therapy – Winlock (cash pay only) 360-324-9240

Pacific Complimentary Health Center – Olympia 360-956-3627

Work  Conditioning/Work Hardening

PINN – 360-357-7466 – PINNPrehab

Cascade Sport & Spine – 360-748-1580

Freeborn Wellness – 360-870-2473