We are happy to announce the Judy Harris is our 2014 4th Quarter Washington Orthopaedic Center Employee Excellence award recipient! Here is what Judy’s peers have to say about her:

“Judy is always happy, smiling and positive.  I often enjoy running into Judy in the hall- she brightens my day.  She boosts others energy and is very pleasant to be around.

“Judy has been an employee at the ASC since 2009.  She comes to work every day with energy and a smile. When given new tasks, she accepts them without complaining.  Is willing to switch her schedule around to accommodate the ASC.  Will do whatever it takes to help this place run smoothly.  And in 6 years, I have never seen her negative or give attitude.  Always happy and upbeat!“

Next time you see Judy, make sure to congratulate her on her accomplishment!