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-I would just like to take a moment to say what a kind, compassionate, caring man that you find when dealing with Dr Dujela.  I have been his patient for the last 4 years and I have nothing but admiration for him.  I am a very difficult case and he has not given up on me when most would have…Most recently I have had a setback in my health and still he is right there to see me through it. I am proud to say he is my doctor and would recommend him to anybody with foot issues.

– Dr. Dujela is caring and wants you to know what’s going on with your body. My case was my foot. He explained everything that was going to happen before surgery and after. Showed me my x­-rays and what was wrong and how it was corrected. Listened to my questions and eased my concerns. You can’t get a better doctor!! Plus, they do more than feet, they do knees and hips as well!

– Very satisfied with his service and professionalism.

– I continue to believe that he is the BEST!!

– Dr Dujela truly is my hero! He has worked so hard to try to find answers and followed through with me when others would have given up. He is the most caring, thoughtful and professional physician and because of him I’m still walking. His assistant Amy is the best too! I look forward to my appointments because I know they truly care about my health!

– Very friendly, helpful and prompt staff. Everyone involved in my diagnosis and care were professional and caring.

– Very respectful honest and explained seriously my injury that needed to be done as soon as possible friendliness when I came to see doctor and explained everything I needed to know about my condition very clearly.

– I am thankful for such excellent care. Dr. Dujela and the surgical team were kind, caring, professional, and went above and beyond to make me feel safe and cared for. I highly recommend this surgical center. The front office team provided excellent service.

– This is truly a well­ run facility with very professional employees. Excellent customer service!

– Ever since I was a child I constantly struggled with my bunions and it made playing sports twice as hard for me. After college I was recommended to visit Dr. Dujela about surgery and to discover what type of bunion surgery best suited my feet. From my first appointment onward he has always been informative professional kind and an expertly overqualified orthopedic surgeon! He has now fixed both of my bunions and I feel like a brand new person (now I can finally be a foot model :)) I am amazed with the work he has accomplished. I am finally able to play basketball and ski without pain. I look forward to living a more fulfilled life because of Dr. Dujela and his immensely talented nurses/crew at Washington Orthopedic! Thank you so much!”

– Change of shoes and my new orthotics have made a big difference. Thank you.”

– Dr. Dujela has performed both of my ankle fusions and I have been very happy with his care and humanity as a Dr. I would recommend him to anyone having issues with their feet and ankles

– Very professional yet personable & caring. Realistic approach about care by offering several ways to handle it. He didn’t immediately jump to the ”let’s operate”” as the only remedy.

– He is the best specialist i have ever had i respect him totally

– Very personable professional great people skills

– Just a ”Down to earth Doctor!” I feel he knows and has helped me out so many ways in the past. Dr. Dujela has kept me walking. I will forever be thankful for him.

– He has always done right by me and will always be my doctor.

– Dr. Dujela is a very compassionate person i feel he really cares about me as a patient. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to be scene!

– Care was excellent. Could have used more precise written instructions with post-op visits regarding what I should/should not do to hasten recovery from surgery. Although I was aware that he was behind in his schedule I felt like I received his undivided attention and concern.

– Dr. Dujela is an amazing doc . He did surgery on my foot , less than two months after surgery he cleared me to go back to work . The X-ray he took of my foot after my surgery went with him as part of his presentation during his medical teaching in India . Dr. Dujela isn’t just a Washington known Doctor , he is known in other countries!”

– It’s amazing that our local area has Dr Dujela’s expertise, not only has trained with the world’s leading foot and ankle surgeons but teaches all over the world. Very nice and compassionate doctor who gave me full confidence in him,

– Dr. Dujela is a world class outstanding provider, a true physician in every sense of the word. I could never say enough about his superlative expertise and amazing kindness to me throughout the whole process of healing my broken ankle. I am now almost back to normal and owe it all to him!

– Dr. Dujela is an amazing doctor who was the force behind my husband receiving not only medical care for severe diabetic wounds, but mental health treatment after a psychotic breakdown. He didn’t give up and saved the foot when other doctors thought amputation was the best thing to do. He saved my husband’s life.

– By the time our daughter Georgia was eight she was in pain every time she walked. Dr Dujela came highly recommended and after our first visit we were confident he was the solution to our problem. We were impressed by his knowledge, continued education and approach. We travelled from Vancouver, Canada to Centralia, Washington, for surgery on her right (December 2009) and then left foot (June 2010). Georgia had no reservations to return for the second surgery as she trusted Dr Dujela completely. Georgia remains pain free. Please visit Dr Dujela before seeing anyone else. Dr Dujela gives surgical presentations worldwide, e.g. Germany, Korea and England and has been an author foot and ankle textbooks

– Dr.Dujela was EXTREMELY helpful in removing my bone spurs from my big toe joint. I now walk and run pain free. I had Hallux limitus. If you are looking for a Leading Surgeon in this field. Here is a Gem that we are lucky to have in Lewis Co. Thanks, Doctor.

– I’ve known Dr Dujela for more than 10 years. He cared for me at his former clinic when I broke my ankle, and saved my friend’s leg from amputation just a year or so ago, when it seemed impossible. I can’t say enough good about Dr. Dujela. They just don’t come any better than him!

– Bottom line, Dr. Michael Dujela is innovative and incredibly knowledgeable. My future, most likely, will require surgery on my other foot….no doubt who will be my surgeon.

– I recommend Dr Dujela whenever appropriate. He is simply the best. Great communication style. Knowledgeable. Professional. Personable. Empowering. Honest. Direct.

– I am completely satisfied with the results of my foot fusion and am having Dr. Dujela operate on my other foot as well. If you haven’t experienced severe foot pain and constant discomfort you can’t imagine how wonderful it is to be able to walk pain free, with a normal gait again. I feel ten years younger and that’s just with one foot fixed so far. I can’t wait till my next one is done in September. Wonderful friendly staff just like Dr. Dujela.

– I would highly recommend Dr. Dujela for any foot and ankle surgery. He has a great staff too. I fell and broke bones in both feet in 2009 and in an unrelated accident in 2011, I broke a bone in my right foot. In both cases, he did surgery and did an EXCELLENT job. He is kind, organized and thorough.

– I was quite nervous but the doctor made me feel very comfortable with his care and I left his office with a better understanding of my condition. I was referred by my PCP and I’m thrilled with her choice.

– Exceptional care and knowledge, explained my prob and treatment in detail

– He has preformed two surgeries on me and both turned out very good. As far as I am concerned he is the best.

– Dr. Dujela is personable and professional. He explain every aspect of my foot surgery and what the outcome would be. Dr. Dujela was spot on everything except the pain…I had NO pain after 3 months and during the three months of healing was just a little discomfort. I would recommend him to everyone who has foot problems. My outcome was so good, my husband finally agreed to get his ankle fixed.

– I would really recommend Dr. Dujela. His staff are all nice and friendly and tell you what they are doing so you know whats happening. Dujela is very nice and can explain what he is going to do and what he did in a way that makes you know exactly what happened. I have Cerebral palsy which made me walk on my toes my entire life. Both of my feet were 40 degrees from flat and was one of the worse cases that Dujela had seen. I have had surgery on both feet and ,with the help of physical therapy, I have been able to relearn how to walk properly. I would recommend that anybody that needs something done with their feet to go to Dr. Dujela.

– Having had many negative experiences with physicians in my lifetime, I am always grateful for those physicians and medical offices that restore my faith in the allopathic medical system. Thank you for timely appointments-even when emergencies have occurred-and consideration of my wants along with my medical needs

– Dr really listens and pays attention to to comments and concerns. He is straight forward and “tells it like it is” when necessary. Great Dr!

– Having Dr. Dujela as a physician makes me feel less concerned that I’m making the right decisions. He always explains things in a way that’s easy to understand but always leaves the ultimate decision up to the patient.”

– I appreciated the time he took in the exam room. I did not feel rushed in explaining the issues I have been dealing with regarding my feet. He asked great questions, used diagrams to explain my situation and asked if I understood everything. I was shocked that he and his support staff took the time to show me a couple of things online in the room. Overall I was so impressed with Dr. Dujela. I am grateful the clinic could get me in for a second opinion so quickly! My feet thank you!!!”

– Very positive minded. Made me feel very much at ease to not be anxious.

– Dr Dujela was extremely helpful regarding my left foot dx.

– I appreciated my care and diagnosis. He was kind but efficient. I have confidence in his expertise for my health care.

– This was a first appointment for my 13 year old daughter. I have been impressed with Dr. Dujela before as a patient myself, but was really impressed with his care and communication with my daughter. He really listened to her and gave her all the time she needed to ask questions and express concerns.

– Dr. Dujela is compassionate.

– I’m very impressed by his compassion knowledge understanding and ability to help me understand everything. I find him to be a blessing.

– Excellent care by Dr Dujela and staff members

– Dr. Dujela is personable and amazing.

– Felt that Dr. Dujela was very knowledgeable and after I left felt comfortable with the upcoming surgery I will be having.


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