Jessica Hannigan has done plenty of exploring since establishing herself in Lewis and Thurston counties last year. Originally from South Carolina, and having done her physician assistant schooling in Tennessee, exploring the new and unique environments of the PNW was only natural for her. The new opportunities allow her to express her interest in finding new challenges outdoors, and in the clinic, and speak to her active disposition.

If you know Jessica, you know she likes to keep moving. Her coworkers may know that best. What you do not see as a patient while waiting to be seen in our orthopedic clinic is the hustle and bustle through the hallways. No matter the reason to be hurrying through the halls, it is up to each individual provider team to stay on time and have all the necessary documents for each of the day’s patients. Jessica is among the quickest in the clinic; she always seems to be everywhere at once. Jessica says it seems this way because she enjoys the challenge. Joining a new practice means encountering many new challenges, and for many, the best way to combat the challenges is by allowing more time to spend on them by getting from place to place more quickly. Jessica’s life outside the clinic may play a part in her ability to be so quick.

Outside of the clinic, Jessica is an avid hiker and outdoor adventurist. A few hikes she has tried this year are the hikes to Annette Lake, Mount Eleanor, and High Rock Lookout. She recommends them to anyone in decent shape that is searching for a good vista. She has also ventured up to White Pass to ski, which she says is much different and more difficult than skiing on the east coast as there is more powder than she is used to. Other attractions that Jessica has especially enjoyed in the PNW have been the state fair in Puyallup where she traversed a variety of fried foods and the George Amphitheater where she saw the Zac Brown Band.

More than anything, Jessica said she’s discovered the kindness that accompanies people in the PNW.

Jessica noted, “people often talk about southern hospitality as being something that is hard to find outside of the south, however, I feel that people here in Washington are just as welcoming and friendly.” Working as a healthcare provider is oftentimes a very difficult and frustrating job, but Jessica says that the positive outcomes and kindness people demonstrate remind her how great and rewarding the field of medicine is.

That is our update on a year completed by Jessica Hannigan PA-C. If you have any questions about the kind of orthopedic injuries Jessica sees, or if you think Jessica may be a good fit for you, give Washington Orthopaedic Center at 360-736-2889 to arrange an appointment today.