Where are you from?

I grew up in Baleville, just outside Raymond, Washington and graduated from South Bend High School in 2012.

Where do you go to school?

I’m currently finishing up my degree in Sport Science from Washington State University by completing this internship, which the accumulation of everything I’ve learned during my four years in Pullman. I will also be graduating from the WSU Honors College this December when I give my thesis presentation, titled Effects of Exercise Supplements on Exercise Program Adherence.

When did you discover you have an interest in health and wellness?

Growing up in a small community allowed me to be involved in all types of sports. During high school my interest in physical activity grew and I decided I wanted movement to be part of my everyday life. I built on that by certifying as a personal trainer and working my way through school at the WSU recreation center for three years. I finally discovered my passion for medicine when I volunteered as a camp counselor at a Muscular Dystrophy Association camp. I’ve participated in camp for two years and now I can’t get enough of learning about the possibilities medicine gives the people who previously thought that there was no treatment for their illness.

Why did you choose to intern at Washington Orthopaedic Center?

After spending four years in Pullman I knew it was time to come back close to home and give back to the communities that helped raise me. There’s a special atmosphere that surrounds small communities and that is something I want to contribute to. Washington Orthopaedic Center is special in itself, whereas the family friendly environment allows me to learn in closer proximity and in contact with the patients and health professionals, something I may not have been exposed to at a large hospital setting.

What are your hobbies?

I can’t get enough of being active, so when I’m not working I’m at the gym, mountain, beach, or lake. When I’m not moving around I like to cook different ethnic foods that my foreign friends have suggested to me or work on improving my Spanish. A good book is always a solid option too!

What are you plans after you graduate?

I’m still looking into opportunities for after I graduate in December but among those I’m considering are volunteering in a medical facility in Central America or finding somewhere local to work. Once June rolls around I’ll be applying to medical schools around the country and hopefully be selected to begin school in 2018. Eventually I want to become a doctor specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

What I will be doing at schools:

You might find me at one of your local sporting events in the near future. If you see me please stop by at the educational table I’ll be covering. At the table I’ll have information and examples of injuries common to the sporting event being held, muscle/bone games, free WOC swag, and I’ll be open to discuss any questions you may have about improving your or your child’s well being.