1. The nursing and medical staff were:

“Left with a ‘very pleased’ experience feeling!”

“Best ever on help!”

2. The imaging technicians (X-ray or MRI) were:


“Very helpful!”

“Had to have a MRI, Russ was very reassuring even though I am claustrophobic”

3. The billing department made my visit:

“Very easy to work with!”

“Outstanding service!”

4. Who in particular impressed you?
“The x-ray tech and the receptionist.”
“Everyone, including the nurse, the x-ray tech and Dr. Birchard.”
“He wants to use the least invasive procedures, which impressed me no end!”
“Dr. Birchard”
“The staff and Dr. Anderson!”
“Dr. Birchard”
“Dr. Dujela and nurses”
“The young lady that took staples out.”
“Dr. Dujela”
“Physician and support staff”
“Dr. Slattery”
“All staff”
“My x-rays were good. Dr. knew exactly what was wrong.”
“Everyone was very kind.”
“Always had coffee available, waiting room is very comfortable!”
“Dr. Slattery and his team are amazing. I cannot say enough to my friends and family.”

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