Our Sports Medicine Specialists Are Here For You

Our Sports Medicine Physicians provides the following services:

  • Prevention of injury through sports specific exercise & education
  • Evaluation of acute & chronic sports injuries
  • Rehabilitation of injury for rapid & safe return to play

Focus and Goals

  • Clinical evaluation in a timely manner
  • Clinical and sideline evaluation of sports injuries
  • Non surgical treatment of injuries as well as expert surgical treatment when indicated
  • Functional evaluation of athlete
    • We perform a functional evaluation of an athlete post-injury to insure that they are safe to return to their sport.
  • Specialized casting and bracing
    • Custom fitted braces for return to play
  • Baseline concussion testing using ImPACT ™ Software
  • Post-injury concussion testing includes a clinical evaluation & education using ImPACT ™ Software (ImPACT™ testing is a computer administered test which includes measurement of attention, memory, processing speed, and reaction time. This is used as a tool to assess and manage concussions and determine return-to-play status.)
    Link: ImPACT™ Software

New Legislation Regarding Concussions

Because of new Washington State legislation regarding concussion guidelines in sports and as part of our comprehensive sports program, we will be seeing patients for concussion assessment.  The law mandates written medical clearance from a licensed provider (MD, DO, ARNP, PA-C, or Certified Athletic Trainer) for all athletes suspected of having a head injury before returning to play.  This is effective for all sports, during practice and games.

History behind the bill

“On Oct. 12, 2006, a then 13-year-old Zackery Lystedt of Maple Valley was playing in a middle school football game when he sustained a head injury while making a tackle. Although he showed signs of a concussion, he did not leave play. Near the end of the game, Zackery collapsed and had to be airlifted to Harborview Medical Center for emergency surgery to relieve swelling on his brain. He spent 31 days in a coma, followed by more than a year of intensive therapy at a Dallas, Texas, rehabilitation center. Despite incredible progress, Zackery remains unable to walk or function without 24-hour care.” (http://www.houserepublicans.wa.gov/Rodne/newsroom/090713.htm)
Link:  Washington State Bill 1824-2009-10

To make an appointment with one of our sports specialists, please call our office at (360) 736-2889 to schedule an appointment.