In a 2013 Consumer Reports article titled Your Safer-Surgery Survival Guide, Centralia’s Providence Hospital was listed as one of Washington’s top rated hospitals for surgery. Other hospitals rated as highly as Providence Centralia hospital were Seattle’s Swedish Medical Center – First Hill and Renton’s UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center. The ratings were produced with the help of MPA, a health care consulting firm, and were categorized by analyzing the percentage of a hospital’s Medicare surgery patients who either died while in the hospital or spent a greater length of time in the hospital than was expected. 27 separate surgeries were examined, although five procedures were main points of emphasis: back surgery, hip and knee replacements, angioplasties, and carotid artery surgery. You can find more information on the safety ratings of Providence Centralia Hospital and other hospitals at Consumer Reports Hospital Ratings.

Providence Hospital - Centralia, Washington

Providence Hospital – Centralia, Washington

In addition to the article by Consumer Reports, Centralia Providence Hospital had zero reports of infection for patients having undergone a total joint replacement in 2016. While we in the US like to think our infection safety guidelines rule out the possibility of infection, this is not always true. In fact, in a 2016 report on hip and knee joint replacement by the American Joint Replacement Registry, 8.4% and 9.3% of total hip and total knee revision surgeries, respectively, indicated an infection and inflammatory response. With more people than ever opting to receive a total joint replacement, it’s extremely important to ensure you will be receiving your replacement surgery from a facility with a proven track record of success.

So what does this say about us?

Washington Orthopaedic Center’s surgeons all have privileges at Centralia Providence Hospital to complete total joint surgeries within their hospital. That means our surgeons complete these procedures, our surgeons and physician assistants track the health status of patients until they leave the hospital, and our surgeons oversee the rehabilitation period of the patients until they have recovered. Thanks to the thoroughness of our surgeons and staff, in conjunction with the staff at Providence Centralia Hospital, our patients having undergone a total joint replacement surgery at Providence Centralia Hospital had the lowest rate of infection in the state for 2016, 0%. This low rate of infection also surely contributed to the outstanding safety rating in the 2013 Consumer Report article on safe surgery.

our patients having undergone a total joint replacement surgery at Providence Centralia Hospital had the lowest rate of infection in the state for 2016, 0%

Joint replacement surgery at Providence Centralia Hospital is continuing to improve every year. This year has seen the addition of two HANA tables, specialized tables that allow our Dr. Slattery to perform his direct anterior approach total hip surgeries. These are the only tables available in the area to perform these procedures, a procedure that often cuts a patient’s recovery time in half when compared to the traditional posterolateral approach that requires more navigation through dense muscle tissue.

If you are having any pain in your major joints, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 360-736-2889 to set up a consultation with one of our providers. Washington Orthopaedic Center now has clinics in both Centralia and Olympia, Washington to better serve the public. Remember, there is no replacement for excellence when it comes to major joint surgery, but there is an excellent place for replacement, Providence Centralia Hospital with Washington Orthopaedic Center’s surgeons.