General Comments

– The team is solid from front office to X-ray to surgery center and everything in between.
– The receptionist Stacy is so very kind and explained about the scheduling that Dr. said. She is so compassionate to the patients.
– You are the answer to my prayers for help with my arthritic legs and the stiff walking. You give me hope!
– This facility and their staff are awesome.
– I enjoyed my 2 visits everyone was amazing! Clean comfortable building. Great to know where to go if I need you again Christy thank you!
– The Staff at the clinic are very professional courteous and expeditious in their services. I would definitely highly recommend their practice to anyone seeking any Orthopedic services.
– I’m so happy you now have an office in Olympia.
– Glad to have such a high quality facility in our area.
– I really like having the Tumwater location as an option

Keith R Birchard M.D. Comments

– Dr Birchard is very personable man. I very happy he is my Dr
– Easy to talk to very understanding listen to my priblem and explained to me what the problem was in laymens terms.
– Outstanding service!
– Dr. Birchard was excellent!
– Keith R Birchard listened to me and answered all questions I had. He did not make me feel rushed or like he had to leave for the next patient.
– Dr. Birchard replaced my left knee in 2014 and it has functioned with no problems. His answering my questions about the steroid injection this time was very clear answers
– A caring professional.
– Everything went well. I guess I always would like more time to understand better. Dr Birchard did well though and I learned about my condition and generally what to expect. Thank you.
– Keith Birchard did a great job.
– I appreciated that he agreed to try a few alternative treatments to help my knee pain before we made the decision to go to knee replacement. He explained things well and when I came in with concerns during the healing he was patient and considerate.
– Dr. B. took a lot of time with me and explained many things for me. He also recommended getting a second opinion on another matter from another Dr. I was pleased with this visit.
– Has been very helpful in my recovery and getting me back to work

Michael D Dujela D.P.M. Comments

– We are blessed to have a doctor of this caliber in Lewis County. I feel so fortunate to have found him a and I have great trust in his skill and judgement.
– Competent qualified personable reassuring.
– He’s an awesome Dr….
– If I had a son who was a doctor I would want him to be just like Dr. D!
– Knowledgeable caring and efficient.
– I told him from the start. That I do not want to have Surgery because of my age and don’t want to be off my feet for that long. So he told me about other things that might help. I tried them and the have helped a great deal am getting along pretty good now. Frank
– Thank you so very much Dr. Dujela for your expertise! I sure wish I had contacted you first when my “little” problem started! It would have saved me some critical months…now I need to await yet another month before surgery to fix my achilles. I have already recommended you to many more people! And my primary doctor who I saw yesterday Dr. Judith Son also has great things to say about you!
– Staff provided good information on footwear I should be using and exercises for my feet.
– He is the best
– He always remembers me even if I haven’t seen him for many months or years. Outstanding personal interaction. Thank you Dr. Dujela!
– Excellent service
– The best foot and ankle doctor I have seen. He knows a lot more than the others I have visited.

Scott S Slattery M.D. Comments

– Dr Slattery honestly gave me information about treatment of my right knee.
– Dr. Slattery is an excellent listener and cares a lot of his patients pain and issue and addresses them in a very professional and promptly manner.
– My 4th surgeon visit (over a year and a half time) for my shoulder. I am pleased and will do surgery with Dr. Slattery.
– He has been my ortho for many years I will always return to him as long as he is in practice he’s informative respectful and exstremly passionate about well being of other there is no one better.
– He is very thoughtful and kind answered all my questions does not give advice just suggestions
– Very good care
– He is very professional. He had everything ready for my appointment and the shot was quick and almost painless. He did a good job.
– Dr. Slattery was extremely professional in his approach to my concerns and really listened for a long time before he offered his advice referrals and follow-up suggestions. I so appreciated his approach and how correct he was in his possible diagnosis.
– I felt like the care was personalized and not just a surgical procedure. Please don’t loose that – it takes more time but makes for far better care & outcomes.

Christy Caple PA-C Comments

– She made me feel like s person..not just a number….thank you…
– I appreciated the professional manner of everyone I cam in contact with. I also very much appreciated the cleanliness of the main lobby area. In previous visits that area needed attention.
– Christy is awesome I was comfortable right away!
– Excellent she’s very thorough and very personable.
– She was extremely skilled in injecting the OrthoVisc into my knees and I really appreciated that! She really listens to your needs is very timely and plans for the future. She gives me hope even tho I am still very stiff but I don’t hurt.
– I made two visits to Wa. Ortho and was very impressed with the swiftness and professionalism of the staff.

Jessica Hannigan PA-C Comments

– She was very courteous and seemed genuinely concerned.
– She was excellent.
– She is awesome
– Thought she was great really liked her.