Dr. Dujela

Awesome! Fast efficient and makes you feel like you issues are top priority! Have already recommended him to others! He’s my top pick

I feel he is the best at what he does, he is always kind and professional! I highly would recommend him to others and concerns that I may have… Excellence and caring.

He listened to me about continuing with PT and waiting a bit longer before proceeding with surgery. I don’t want surgery unless absolutely necessary and he understood that and went along with me. He told me I would know when the pain was more than I could handle and I could come back and see him then and we would talk about the next step.

Dr. Dujela, As well as his entire staff are kind, professional and informative. It’s obvious that they are treated well by Dr. Dujela. The entire environment of the office is friendly and at ease, yet attentive.

Very positive interaction with Dr. Dujela. I would highly recommend him to others.

Dr Dujela was so kind even though he saw us for a condition he doesn’t usually deal with. We thought he was fantastic!

I loved that he was direct and didn’t beat around the bush or try to sugarcoat the problem. He told me exactly how it was and what needed to be done. He is an excellent Doctor.

I think Dr Dujela is wonderful and we are so lucky to have his expertise in our area.

Dr. Dujela is very personable and easy to talk to. I was very comfortable asking questions. He made me feel like he had all the time in the world to answer all my questions. It was a very nice experience and I would highly recommend him.

Anderson Small Image WebDr. Anderson

Doctor Anderson has always been my first choice. He lets me know all the options.

Great care. Dr. Anderson was very good. All encounters with the surgery center was positive.

Everyone was very kind and helpful.

Very happy the staff went out of there way for me and I’m blessed to have such great care thank you

Professional and personal.

I think he’s the best doctor I’ve ever seen

With his support staff, he is very efficient; staff is friendly, concerned about patient status and questions

I was very pleased I will come back to Dr Anderson thank you

Dr. Birchard

Everything was amazing. I can’t believe how friendly everyone was and how patient they were with me.

Thank you so much for fixing my ankle …strong enough to use it …so close to perfect.. anything less than perfect is a age thing. Now if the rest of this body can keep up… always felt good leaving your office
Dr. Birchard is great! Very good doctor.

Dr. Birchard clearly explained my x‐rays, my need for surgery, what the surgery would involve and my follow up care needs. He answered all of my questions and treated me respectfully.

Very relaxed atmosphere, so unlike other doctors. I felt he took time to listen to my story of how I injured my knee and the symptoms I am experiencing. Then after explaining his diagnosis, explained the options of how to proceed. Plus his assistant walked me through the next steps. Exceptional service from all I encountered during my visit.

Been going to WOC 2006 and I wouldn’t go to any other Dr.

I have already recommended Keith Birchard to several people. He does excellent work and has a wonderful bedside manner. Takes good care of me and my knees!

Dr. Slattery


I look forward to having Dr Slattery provide the treatment that is needed for my shoulders.

Dr. Slattery was awesome and very helpful. He listen to my concerns and responded with professional and caring answers. Thank you Dr. Slattery!!

I have been thrilled with all of the services and treatment I have received from Dr. Slattery and his staff; and have recommended him and Washington Orthopedic to many others.  

I asked Dr. Slattery to give me a cortizone shot in my knee to try to help the constant pain I’ve had since my complete knee replacement. He gave me the shot and it has helped tremendously. As a result, the constant pain has lessened. I’ll check back with him when the shot wears off to see what he recommends for future treatment. I appreciated that he listened to me. 

I was very nervous about Dr Slattery, all orthopedic surgeons before him I had dealt with were arrogant and seemed in a hurry to be done with me instead of really listening. I felt Dr. Slattery truly listened to my complaints and answered all my questions without being condescending. He was quick to get to my diagnosis and remedy my problem instead of throwing a bunch of “well let’s try this first” approaches. I very much appreciated his and his staff attentiveness and prompt responses to my questions and concerns!

Christy Caple

I felt really comfortable with Christy and she listened to what I had to say. She’s awesome

I was told the steroid injection could take up to 3 weeks to work for my bursitis in my right hip. It actually made a huge difference in my ability to stand, walk and shift my weight on to that hip with in the first 24 hours! I am grateful.

Was very professional yet personable always made sure to ask if I had any more questions. Made sure I understood what was going on and our plan of action.

Christy, was top‐notch, as was her MA, Debbie! Made me feel at ease, relaxed, and part of the team, instead of feeling left out or out of loop. She, explained things at my level and assisted with techniques that will help me with knee issues.

Christy knows her job well, has great bedside manner and explains things in simple terms that are easy to understand for a layman.

The Clinic

This is a great place.

Impressed with the professional, courteous, organized treatment at WOC.

I really appreciated that I could do all pre appointment paperwork prior to visit. It was great to receive a lanyard and card case for my phone. Nicely done