orthopedic patient from washington orthopaedic center taking a survey

Staff and Facility Comments

  • The receptionist to schedule my MRI was awesome. She went the extra mile to get my appointment scheduled at good time for me as I travel a ways to get there. She was a 10. [visit for Keith V Anderson, M.D.]
  • I’ve been visiting WOC for about four years and have always had excellent care from all staff. I drive from Olympia to this clinic because of the quality of care I receive. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • Facility was clean, large waiting room, [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • THE BEST CARE FROM PEOPLE THAT CARE—-THANKS— [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • mostly excellent. dr n did a great job on my leg years back. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • This organization is Top Drawer. Everyone I associated with has been GREAT. [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • Excellent. [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • Every one is great [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • Would recommend this provider to anyone who would need their service [visit for Keith R Birchard, M.D.] 
  • Courteous like no other ortho in WA.State. [visit for Michael D Dujela, D.P.M.] 
  • The whole staff we dealt with were amazing, patient, compassionate and professional!! [visit for Scott S Slattery, M.D.] 
  • The staff at Washington Orthopedic Center is awesome! All are friendly and extremely competent and professional. The Anesthesiologist is EXCELLENT. I consider myself most qualified to make this assessment, given that I have undergone several procedures here. And let me just add that my confidence and appreciation for the Washington Orthopedic Center facility has grown with each experience. My sincere thanks! [visit for Keith R Birchard, M.D.] 

Christy Caple, PA-C Comments

  • I have found Christy to be patient, understanding and gracious. I was thrilled to find my referral from another doctor was to see her for this new problem. Her attention to my situation at my previous visit allowed her to successfully treat my condition at that time, providing a simple answer and quick and lasting relief. 
  • Thank you Christy for your time. Also would like to say this group of people are on it. They all work together very well 

Keith R. Birchard, M.D. Comments

  • Very personable. He made the injury understandable.  
  • He was very helpful and respectful of my situation. I appreciate how he took the time to listen to what I had to say.  
  • Thank you for getting things going quickly on my medical issues
  • Dr. Birchard is the first Orthopedist in Washington State that understand my factor 5 problem and support me. Not talking that I MUST have knee replacement. Thanks to Him I do not have to go back to Texas.The shots I got in Texas was SUPARTZ. iI feel so much better from the shot he gave me last Monday. Thank you Dr. Birchard.
  • Enjoyed meeting this Dr. explained my options and willing to work with my request. Understood my condition and my needs.  
  • He spoke loud enough for my husband, the patient to hear.  
  • Dr. Birchard has successfully treated me for several impairing hand conditions. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon!

Keith V. Anderson, M.D. Comments

  • I have been a patient of Dr Anderson for various ailments for over twenty years and he has always been number.
  • Dr. Anderson has performed 8 surgeries on me and all have improved my quality of life. 
  • He’s a gem. So well trained, skillful surgeon, kind, caring individual. Because of his excellent surgery skills, my amputation healed very well, and I walked myself to the altar when I got married 10 months later. So great to have him attend wedding! He’s very humble, too. Some surgeons have super-sized egos! Not Dr Anderson. He’s a wonderful doctor! 
  • Excellent 
  • I found Dr Anderson’s “bedside manners” exceptional! Very knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable having him as my family orthopedist.  
  • Real clear about what I need to do.
  • Very professional office. 

Michael D. Dujela, D.P.M. Comments

  • I was treated with compassion even tho my reason to visit was not an emergency. The nurses were very helpful and answered my questions. Dr. Dujela was very open to me about what I could do for my neuropathy. 
  • He was very good to explain what was wrong and treatment for the condition i really liked him 
  • Dr Dujela and his staff are the BEST 
  • A very efficient Dr. Office staff was exceptional.
  • This was definitely one of my better surgical experiences
  • World class doctor and staff. I trust him completely! 
  • Dr. Dujela was awesome, felt like I was listened to. Also like your waiting room, soft music and not the news! 
  • Dr. Dujela was very kind along with all of the staff. I have never experienced such a respectful and kind staff for treatment. Thank you. 
  • He is the best doctor ever.
  • Not much to say but Dr. Dujela has a great ear and listens to you,that give me great respect for him.

Scott Slattery, M.D. Comments

  • I have been thrilled with all of the services and treatment I have received from Dr. Slattery and his staff; and have recommended him and Washington Orthopedic to many others.  
  • I asked Dr. Slattery to give me a cortizone shot in my knee to try to help the constant pain I’ve had since my complete knee replacement. He gave me the shot and it has helped tremendously. As a result, the constant pain has lessened. I’ll check back with him when the shot wears off to see what he recommends for future treatment. I appreciated that he listened to me. 
  • I was very nervous about Dr Slattery, all orthopedic surgeons before him I had dealt with were arrogant and seemed in a hurry to be done with me instead of really listening. I felt Dr. Slattery truly listened to my complaints and answered all my questions without being condescending. He was quick to get to my diagnosis and remedy my problem instead of throwing a bunch of “well let’s try this first” approaches. I very much appreciated his and his staff attentiveness and prompt responses to my questions and concerns!