Chris’ career in medicine started when he joined the US Army.  After his training as a medic he was assigned to an infantry unit of the 10th Mountain Division, which is based in upstate New York.  His unit deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 where in addition to combat related injuries, Chris saw a large amount of the local Afghanis in his clinic and on medical civilian assistance program (MEDCAP) missions.  For a short amount of time he was attached to a company of the Afghan National Army as their only medical personnel.

On returning to the US, Chris left the active US Army and joined the Army Reserves so that he could pursue his education.  While assigned to the USAR he became the leader of the emergency department of a reserve combat support hospital.  His primary role in that position was the training of junior medical personnel and his role as a trainer has continued since then.  Chris is currently assigned to a unit based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord where his team is responsible for the training and proficiency of other military units.

Chris returned home when he was accepted to the Physician Assistant program at the University of Washington.  He has continued to maintain ties to the community through his membership and support of the Masonic Lodge.  Chris has been recognized multiple times for his efforts and service in education, community, governance, journalism, and the US Army, including being named as Time Magazine’s 2003 Person of the Year.