50th Anniversary of Washington Orthopaedic Center

We at Washington Orthopaedic Center are proudly celebrating our 50th anniversary, marking five decades of excellence in orthopedic medicine and our unwavering dedication to serving patients in Lewis County and beyond. Founded in 1973 by the esteemed Dr. Larry Hull, our center has grown into a leading provider of orthopedic care, guided by Christian principles and a commitment to compassionate healing. Dr. Larry Hull had a vision to establish an organization that would offer high-quality orthopedic care to our community while upholding our core values. Throughout his 35 years of service, he demonstrated unwavering dedication to his patients and the advancement of orthopedic medicine. In January 2008, Dr. Hull announced his retirement, leaving behind a remarkable legacy. Despite retiring, Dr. Hull's passion for medical mission work never waned. He embarked on nearly 30 trips since 1976, primarily in Central America and Papua New Guinea, providing much-needed care and donating orthopedic equipment to those in need. Dr. Hull's impact extended beyond his medical expertise—he played an instrumental role in building an on-site family medical clinic for the local residents through his family-owned coffee plantation in Papua New Guinea. Tragically, in April 2018, Dr. Hull passed away, leaving behind a [...]


Washington Orthopaedic Center Now Provides ActivArmorTM Sanitizable 3D Printed Casts

Washington Orthopaedic Center is the first clinic in the state to provide ActivArmorTM sanitizable 3D printed casts. January 25, 2022 – Biomedical technology company, ActivArmorTM, has partnered Washington Orthopaedic Center (WA Ortho) to introduce its next-Gen immobilization technology to Washington State. ActivArmor’s 3D printed casts are the only sanitizable cast on the market, allowing patients to wash their hands during the Covid-19 global pandemic.  The next-gen casts are completely custom – precisely fitting to each patient using a body scan, and designed per the doctor’s prescription, including the ability to expose post-surgical hardware or incisions, and adaptable for use with ultrasound and other advanced technologies. ActivArmor orthoses are being prescribed for injuries like breaks, sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Charcot Foot, through their website and in top orthopedic clinics across the country. Washington Orthopaedic Center's mission to provide compassionate orthopedic care to every patient is a perfect match for ActivArmor’s next-gen 3D technology. ActivArmor’s sweat-proof, waterproof, breathable, sanitizable casting system is custom for each patient’s unique injury or lifestyle – allowing them to continue their daily activities, and improving their quality of life while healing. “It is our pleasure to partner with Washington Orthopaedic Center to bring our next-gen casting system [...]

Dr. Scott Slattery Announces Retirement

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Scott Slattery, Announces Retirement from Washington Orthopaedic Center Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Scott Slattery announces his retirement from Washington Orthopaedic Center (WOC), Dr. Slattery has practiced orthopedic medicine locally for over 21 years. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people throughout the Pacific Northwest recover from their sports injuries. Dr. Slattery was the first surgeon at WOC to perform both outpatient total knee replacement and outpatient total shoulder replacements, as well as the first surgeon to offer anterior approach total hip replacement. “I trust that my colleagues and partners will continue to care for all WOC patients with the same high level of expertise that we have provided the past 47 years,” says Slattery.   Dr. Slattery will be leaving the practice in good hands. Dr. Keith Birchard will be taking over as the most senior surgeon in the group and will continue to care for general orthopedic patients. Dr. Michael Dujela, will continue to be our fellowship trained expert for all foot and ankle patients. Dr. Chad Bender, a fellowship trained hand surgeon, provides care for those with hand and upper extremity needs. Dr. Bryan Nestor, a fellowship trained [...]


The Meaning of Our Tree

Andry Tree The Meaning of The Tree We often get asked by patients to explain the significance of the tree that we have in our lobby.  Some of you have noticed that there is a rope tied around the trunk to a straight stake.  Have you ever wondered why that is?  And how it is related to Orthopedics?  It turns out that a bent tree braced to a stake to make it grow upward and straight has been the traditional symbol of orthopedics for hundreds of years.  You will find the the tree symbol in our logo on our business cards and in our letterhead. Nicolas Andry The word "orthopedics" comes from the words for straight ("orthos" and child ("-paideia").  It was coined by the French scientist, Nicolas Andry in his 1741 book "Orthopedie" and concerned itself with prevention and correction of deformities of the spine and bones of children.  He used the image of the sapling strapped to a stake to illustrate his ideas. Those who work in the cast room will tell you the value of splinting to hold a fractured bone straight to prevent deformity. From time to time you may see x-rays that [...]

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Free seminar on July 16: Painful shoulders and all the “-itises”

Is shoulder pain limiting your everyday activities? Find out your options to relieve the pain. Join orthopaedic surgeon Scott Slattery, MD, and Providence physical therapist Ryan Winning as they discuss ways to relieve common shoulder complaints, including: Tendonitis Bursitis Arthritis Rotator cuff tears Painful shoulders and all the “-itises” July 16, 2014 // 6-7:30 p.m. Washington Orthopaedic Center, 1900 Cooks Hill Road, Centralia Dr. Slattery will discuss non-invasive treatment options and the latest surgery techniques, including minimally invasive arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs and shoulder replacement surgery for arthritis. For more information, call (360) 330-1869. To register, call (360) 330-8656


Hand and Elbow Pain Clinic to Be Held April 30

Is hand or elbow pain limiting your activities? Join orthopedic surgeon Keith Birchard, MD, and Providence occupational therapist and certified hand therapist Lisa Schwartz as they discuss ways to relieve common hand and elbow complaints including: -Carpal tunnel syndrome -Trigger finger -Tendonitis -Tennis elbow Free Seminar!   Hand and Elbow Pain April 30, 2014, 6:00 - 7:30 pm Washington Orthopaedic Center 1900 Cooks Hill Road, Centralia For more information, call 360.330.1869 To register, call 360.330.8656 or go to www.provregister.org


Safer Surgery Available in Centralia

Providence Centralia Hospital was recently ranked one of the top seven hospitals in Washington State according to data published in the September 2013 edition of Consumer Reports. In a review of 2,463 hospitals nationwide, ratings were based on the percentage of a hospital's surgery patients who died in the hospital or stayed longer than expected for their procedure.  Research shows those measures are correlated with complications, and some hospitals themselves use this approach to monitor quality. The analysis looked at Medicare claims from patients undergoing 27 categories of commonly scheduled surgeries. Additionally, the report produced ratings for 5 specific procedures, including back surgery, hip or knee replacements, surgery to remove blockages in arteries in the heart (angioplasty) or neck (carotid artery surgery). Complete Consumer Reports article available at: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2013/09/safe-surgery-survival-guide/index.htm The Washington Orthopaedic Center surgeons are proud to be part of the highly recognized care provided at PCH.

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